Anyone else feel like they're left in the dark

Hi all,


First time posting.


Went for my first smear in Jan 2017

Recieved letter advising High Grade Sever Dyskariosis end of Feb

Colposcopy booked for 2 days later

Punch Biopsys taken - Result about 6 weeks later advising CIN3 and booked in for LLETZ under GA


I had my LLETZ Monday this week so only a couple of days ago. The doc was doing his rounds and asked me if I knew why I was having this procedure.. I said 'I think so ' because they haven't been great at answering any questions. He said I was having another Colp and my LLETZ, he then went on to say ' the outcome will either be diagnostic or Therapuetic' What does that mean?? I asked if he knew that there might be a chance they will diagnose cancer after looking at my original results - he just said 'there may be a chance you will have to come back for further treatment.' Why can't they just give a straight answer! I totally understand they can't diagnose without Lab results and not wanting to get anyones hopes up or worry anyone .. but as you can imagine I am thinking the worst!


What do you all think?


Michelle x

I am in exactly the same boat as you although I have now had my biopsy results by lettwr and it makes absolutely no sense to me with medical jargon and no doctor is ringing me back. The waiting is the worst part and I feel your pain. I think with me the bad cells are further up but how far I don't know :-( wish you lots of luck

I would push them for more answers and to explain things exactly if they give these vague kind of answers. They should be taking time to explain everything to you, not being vague about something that is so worrying!