Anyone else ask to see...

I had LLETZ this afternoon to remove CIN3. It had been planned for cold coagulation but she changed her mind and did LLETZ instead (worries me a bit?). Anyway....has anyone else had LLETZ and wanted to see the sample tub of what they removed? I asked and they showed me no bother. It was like a small bit of white tissue (slightly singed from the heat at the edges). 

I just wondered if it was weird of me to ask or if others have also? 


At my Lletz, my cervix came away in two parts, the wire loop got to the middle of my cervix and wouldn't move any further so another nurse was called in and she had a go and managed to get the last bit out. 

Both times they held them up between my legs and said TADA but that's as close as I got to seeing it in the flesh but I get what you mean, it's intriguing to actually see it. 

I didn’t ask to see mine although I wish I had now !  He did hold it up in the tub and said he couldn’t see anything ‘untoward’.

My best friend, however, asked to see hers and took a photo of it - which of course she sent to me! I kinda wish I had taken a photo of the screen when I was having it done lol

I don’t think it’s abnormal to want to see it, just as it’s not abnormal to not want to see it. 

I also couldn’t wait to be healed so I could feel what my new cervix was like (they took 5cm in total) - but that’s probably just me (and my bestie ) xx

5cm? Is that the width or depth? They took 2cm from me but I took that as the depth. Bless us the things we gave to go through x

I know, it’s laugh or cry sometimes isn’t it! Yes 5cm in depth, because I had two done - the first time he took something like 2.7cm and second time 2.3cm - can’t remember the exact numbers but when added together it was 5cm in total - bet they couldn’t have made it that precise if they’d tried to haha. Apparently an average cervix is only 4cm so I must have had a longer than average cervix lol, knew that would come in handy one day! ;) xx

egh. no i didnt ask, it makes me feel sick. but now i kinda wish i did, i want to see haha!