Anyone been referred for an MRI for symptoms? (Smear next week.)

So I went to the docs on Monday, explained my symptoms again and he's referred me for an urgent MRI scan.  Have apt for 2 weeks today. My smear is Tuesday. 


Anyone else had an MRI for symptoms? 

Well you haven't said what your symptoms are. It all depends on what you have said to your doctor cos they might offer an MRI scan to cover all bases. 

Sorry should have been clearer 


I have had heavy periods for about a year now.  Was prescribed transamic acid to reduce the bleeding but it's not really helped. (It does help reDuce how long I'm bleeding for. In May this year I started getting lower back pain.  I've been for physio, had acupuncture and also seen an oeseopath.  Nothing has helped and it's slowly getting worse. I'm struggling to sleep at night and am taking strong pain killers.  2 months ago I started bleeding in between periods.  The first month I didn't really pay much attention as it wasn't too much but this last period was quite a bit more  It's stopped now though! I went to docs on Monday.  He's booked me in for a smear Tuesday. And an urgent MRI which I have two weeks today. 

So sorry that you are having all this trouble. Heavy periods can be caused by a number of things hence the MRI scan and I think it's just chance that it turns out that you are having your smear test soon too. It might be a good idea to take a female family member with you or a close friend when you go for your scan for a little bit of support. I hope that there is nothing really bad going on with you and I will cross my fingers for you :)