Anyone been diagnosed without abnormal smear?

Hi just wondering if anyone online has been diagnosed without having a smear? I've had previous normal smear 1 1/2 yrs ago. not getting anywhere with the drs. Thought after getting Gyne referral because of slight bleeding and pain they would have sent me for colposcopy. Still no joy. Just wondering if anyone else was referred for symptoms by Gyne? Rather than referral after smear. 



I was referred to colposcopy by gp, due to symptoms and cervical erosion. I had a smear and biopsy taken two weeks ago. I'm now waiting to hear what treatment will take place.

I keep thinking I will be referred, but seen 2 Gps and two Gyne consultants and still no mention of referral to colposcopy. I thought one of the consultants would have doNe this by now. So far they have only mentioned a slight area of ectropion. I think it's because both prev smears hve been normal. I think I am going to push for colposcopy or at least repeat smear. Already asked gp but said nhs wouldn't accept the smear if yare have had one within the three years. Frustrating! Good luck with your results, hope all goes well. X

Gp won't repeat smear under 3 years, mine wouldn't either. 

If after seeing two gyne doctors no-one as suggested colposcopy I would take that as a good thing. There are many reasons for symptoms.