Anyone 4b here..?? Please help.

Hi ladies,

I am going out of my mind... and need to hear from someone that just because you are 4b it doesn't mean my life is over already... 

Heres a bit about me - had smear result back servere ambnormalities, had biopsy done CIN3. 

Oher the past 2 years I have had very heavy discharge most days and bleeding inbetween periods but not every month... i stupidly didn't go to the doctors as I thought this was all down to the pill... Yes as you can imagine I am kicking myself now and feeling very angry.. I didn't know that these were symptoms of CC or I would have gone to visit my GP. 

I have also been suffering with a lump in my Throat and a hoarse voice for 9 weeks so I took myself to A&E yesterday...

An ENT doctor came to see me and put the scope down to have a look... She said I have a lump on my vocal cord and some lumps in my nose... She couldn't say for sure that they were cancer and has reffered me via the 2week pathway for an MRI scan... Also she felt swollen Lypmhs in my neck. 

I am now of course fearing the worst... I am back at the hospital tomorrow to see the dr re results of biopsy from colposcopy... I am fearing for my life and would love to hear from other stage 4b ladies for some reassurance as I'm going out Of my mind and sure I am going to die very soon...


I can't access the advanced group yet as I have had a confirmed diagnosi...

I have an 11year old daughter and she is my world and I am hers...

please help with support or advice if you can...

Bekah xxx 


Hey Bekah, 

Sorry to hear your story & I understand you are mad with yourself but you need to keep that energy & put it into keeping focused & dealing with the next step.

I was diagnosed 4b in Nov 2016 after my CC spread to my Liver (2 tumours & 1 near my stomach) so now Terminal & my treatment is Palliative, it's a matter of quality not quantity now. Of course I am scared, sad & sometimes so overwhelmed with the knowledge of what this diagnosis means that I do have days when I wonder 'why me?' but I haven't let it rule my days as I would then be wasting them. 

 Try & stay in the moment, waiting is the worst part & nothing anyone can say will calm your worries or fears but you may find the results aren't as bad as the fears you have & that it won't be advanced. 

My kids are alot older than your daughter but I still worry about when I won't be here so I'm focusing on making sure they have things in place to deal with the future & be secure in the knowledge that I am going to be ok when the time comes. 

I refuse to waste time worrying about the cancer when there's nothing I can do about it, I'm using the energy & time to be focused & I am adamant that I enjoy everyday as I would have done if I'd never got the initial diagnosis. 

I will be crossing absolutely everything for you that you get some positive news tomorrow.

Please keep me.updated & here if you need a chat

Take care 

Flo xxx

Flo you are such an inspiration in the way you put into practice that which we know we should all do every single day. I hope your post can reduce some of Bekah's anxiety. I hope you have many beautiful days ahead Flo, and Bekah I hope you can find some support by reading people's posts. Hugs to you both. 


Flo, thank you for your message and your positivity... You are clearly a very strong lady and you are not prepared to waste any time... 

I know that that is where my thoughts need to be I just haven't mastered how to get to that point yet... 

I am going out of my mind with worry, I really think it's the not knowing for definite that I am really struggling with... Of course getting the news of CC will be devastating but I will have answers...

I wish you all the best Flo you are an inspiration to us all ...!! ❤️❤️ Xx 

Good luck today Bekah. Let us know how you get on.

Thank you Rachel. X


Good Luck today xxx

I got your message, replying to you now.

Keep strong, deep breaths & we are all rooting for you today.

Keep us updated, 

Take care 

Flo xx


Designerflo Sending u so much love and hugs xxxx

Bekah how did you get on today ? Send u a message to see hope ur ok xxx

Hi ladies,

No closer to any definite results... They wouldn't do the LLETZ as they had said the area was too large and too close to the vigina. So I will now wait for another appointment to have it done under GA.

The waiting is what is killing me the most... Ladies how did you cope with the wait..??

I have got an appointment at another hospital today about the lump in my throat and back of nose... So we will see if I can get any answers there as to whether or not they are cancerous lumps... 

Thank you to all of you beautiful ladies who have been there to support me through his awful journey. 

Ill log back in later and let you know how I get on with the other doctor today... 

Love to you all


Hi bekah,

how did you get on with your throat today?

i assume they are doing a cone biopsy on the abnormal cells on your cervix? Did they say whether they thought it was cancerous?


Thinking of you at this worrying time for you.. How did you get on today... Sending hugs xxx 

I hope your throat appointment goes ok bekah! I had a lump on my throat a few years ago but it just turned out to be benign. They still removed it because it was on my thyroid gland, but lumps and bumps often pop up without being cancer. I have one in my boob too... again, benign. I know this won't stop you worrying, especially given the cells, but hopefully it won't be a sinister lump!


I had my colsposcopy and biopsy today and was also told my cells need removing under GA, so I would imagine our waits will be similar! The doc told me bleeding can be caused by precancerous cells that are not cancer, so I found that reassuring. I hope that helps you a little too! 

Hey everyone,

Had a phone call yesterday morning to say my LLETZ has been booked for 12:30 tomorrow Friday... 

Im glad the date is here where I can finally get this CIN3 removed... I am of course anxious about what might be behind it or if the cells removed contain cancer... But I guess those are all questions that will just have to wait to be answered....

As for my Throat appointment - The Doctor said the lump on my vocal cord looks benign and the lumps up my nose could be polyps so I have everything crossed that the doctors thoughts are right I just have to wait for the MRI scan date now...

Pegal - I hope you get your date through for your op quickly...!! 

How long did you all wait to hear back after LLETZ treatment ..?? xxx

Hi Gilly, 

The Doctor didn't mention a cone biopsy she just said LLETZ under general... Do you think she would have told me if she was going to do a cone biopsy or not..?? 

How long did you wait for your results after the LLETZ..?? 

I dont think I have ever feared for my life in this way before... I have lost almost a stone in weight over the last 6 weeks...


Hi Lulu,

I have my date for the LLETZ tomorrow... Feeling anxious but happy that hugs are moving forward... Doctor thinks that the lump on my vocal cord is benign and the lumps in my nose are polyps so I have got everything crossed that her pred is right... 



Were you all called to come back into clinic over the phone..?? Or where any of you sent a letter..?? xx

Hi bekha..  After my coloposy I was called and also had a letter...  With all my appointments now I'm called..  Hope this helps.. Think it depends on what area you are.. 



Hi Bekah,

I received a letter in the mail telling me to return to the clinic, and it was more than 2 months after my LLETZ that I got it(Canada is bull crap when it comes to wait time). I've heard it's usually 6-8 weeks in the U.K.

Hi BekaH,

im in the U.K., south. I had a LLETZ and was told I'd get a letter 2 weeks later... they rang me a week later to come back in so I knew something was up!

a LLETZ and cone biopsy are very similar. A cone is usually under general as they basically take a bigger piece away. My LLETZ was under a local anaesthetic And it was done when I went for my colposcopy. It was relatively quick and painless. I just bled for several weeks after.

Ask when you go which they're doing, but importantly, they're taking the bad looking stuff away, so it's a good thing! 

Good luck and keep us all posted. Xxx