Anybody tried just calling for results?

im going on holiday and I've not had my lletz results back yet. It's only been two weeks.

will they give you results over the phone?


You could try but I doubt it. Is there anyone that has a key  to your house that could check the post for you?

Well I called up and she checked but the results werent on there yet

no sadly  I'll just have to wait patiently like everyone else. Just want this cloud over my head gone already

I hear you....the wait is the worst. Try and enjoy your holiday.

I rung the hospital who told me my results on Wednesday. Have not yet received them in the post .  Lletz was in July 7th 

I called and they didn't tell me them, they are in the post. I am so anxious I can't even begin to explain. I tried calling the GP but they have not received the letter back.