Anybody else waiting?

Its been two weeks and three days since my colposcopy and biopsy, I was told three weeks for my results so im praying I get them this week!
All I was told was that I will need to be put to sleep but what they do will depend on what it comes back with so the unknown and not even a clue is driving me mad.
How is everyone else doing with the wait?
I know depending where you are you can have a 6 week wait so I feel for you!

Hi, i am also waiting but only been 10 days for me. It is honestly driving me crazy though!!!

I had colcoscory, biopsy and loop done. Everyone is telling me to stop worrying as it will almost certainly come back clear......doesnt stop the worrying though does it!!

I dont even want to go to work this week as will drive me crazy having to wait till get home to check post lol


It is awful isnt it! I didnt have any treatment so i'll have to wait for the results of that too and thats after the waiting for it to be done. Sick of waiting argh! 

Haha youre not the only one, luckily I live quite close to work so I nip home on my dinner break to check the post! The things we do eh.

Tut easy for them to say, they dont have to deal with the anxiety of it. How long a wait have they told you? 


im waiting for my first colposcopy which is two weeks away :( x

Aww hunni you'll be fine, honestly. I was terrified it's awful feeling so vulnerable and went on my own but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I imagined it would be in my head.

The build up to it is the worst, I promise you. Yes if they take a biopsy it isn't pleasant but they should tell you to cough to distract you and it works I barely felt a pinch and had five taken :) the cramping afterwards is annoying but it's all worth going through to make sure everything is ok. Try not to get too worked up about it


Im waiting on biopsy results from my colposcopy on Friday! I went in thinking I had slight abnormal cells from my smear to be told it looked high risk/severe whilst I was there. Felt sick! The nurse who performed it said I'd need further treatment regardless of the biopsy.

Oh no I'm sorry you're having to deal with that, how awful :( 

My doctor scared me by saying 'we might be dealing with cancer' Whilst his head was still between my legs. Thanks for that haha. Luckily I'm not obsessing over it, and the consultant said nothing about anything so I'm guessing things aren't bad at all and he had a freak out over nothing. I know I have hpv though had it a while. 

We're in the same boat with that then, knowing we need something doig regardless of the results. I hope everything goes well for you and it's all sorted out quickly and not dragged out. I just want it to hurry so I can get it all done. 

Hi everyone, I am new to all this but i just needed to talk to people who are in the same boat as myself. 

Had my first smear today, afterwards I had a chat with the nurse and she told me I have lumps on my cervix & that when she was taking a sample of my cells it stared to bleed. She told me that this could be normal for my body and that I could just have a lumpy cervix but she's referred me to the hospital to have a colposcopy to make sure everything is okay. Since that I have been thinking the worst and worrying about attending my colposcopy, i just hope everything's going to be ok. 

Has anyone else been told they have lumps on their cervix & is a colposcopy just the same as a smear test? 


Hi! :) 

I was told I have visible changes to my cervix but not 'lumps'. But as they said it could be that it's just the way you are if it was your first examination. 

If you haven't been given a leaflet you can check the colposcopy information on this site which will explain in much better detail than I can. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. 

It's quick and simple, try not to worry yourself too much although I know how hard that is! 


hi all, has anyone recieved their results yet. Its horrible the wait... while they did my lletz they said they had taken a large amount but then after said see you in six months, but im still not very hopeful


I hope you get your results soon, then you know where you stand with everything.

I'm still waiting, it was three weeks yesterday since I had the biopsies so i'm hoping it will be any day now. I'm even dreaming about it!

Good luck everyone xxx

Hello all,

I am waiting for my colposcopy and I just wondered when you find out about what exactly the problem is. A few people have said their letters after their smear said small changes etc whereas mine only mentioned that there was an abnormal result? Is the result of the colposcopy suppose to give a more detailed overview? Sorry to jump on this post I know you are all anxiously waiting and I will be in your position in a few weeks!


No problem at all we're all here for support and advice either way :) 

Yes the colposcopy will give them a better idea of things. Like whether hpv is present if you didn't already know, how big an area of abnormal cells there is and the severity of the abnormality (CIN 1, 2 or 3) Hope this helps? 

Fingers crossed I get my results this week. Its just irritating now!!! 

Anyone got their results yet? x