Any tips for sleeping

Hi ladies

sitting up unable to sleep. Not sure if any post diagnosis pre staging people are finding the same but I'm so up and down and tonight is a down turn.  I'm a worrier anyway so convinced myself that every lump and buno is something awful. I'm poking and prodding my body something awful and it's driving me to distraction.


did anyone else go through this in the pre scan pre staging phase ie becoming obsessed with ur body and fearing the absolute worst?? 

also does anyone have any tips for sleeping? any help or advice on coping sleeping and experiences is gratefuly received as I feel I'm going mad and hanging by a thread.



I'm right there with you on the sleep front tonight. Brain far too busy!

Absolutely thought far too much of every little thing between diagnosis and scans, still do to be honest. Hope you hear something tomorrow. 

If you have any sleep brainwaves let me know.

Rach x

Thanks Rachel.

 Just feel so annoyed at myself for falling apart. I'm glad other people felt the same I keep prodding my body and thinking the worst constantly, it's got me so down.

Night time is the worse just let my brain go into overdrive with horrible thoughts and then upset myself.

it must be so daunting for u thinking about tomorrow, at least u know that's u starting the fight!!

i hope u get some sleep, I suspect I will be enjoying a lot of trash TV for a good while longer!! 



I found that having something go distract me helped like reading or playing on my phone etc.


I have/had trouble sleeping a lot and use to cry myself to sleep due to all of the negative thoughts that I would have - i am a worrier too. I eventually learnt that no matter how much worrying I did would help change the outcome. 


Good luck x


Thanks Carmel

sensible part part of me knows ur right just hard to put it in practice!

thsnja for replying, glad I'm not the only one!

I strongly recommend an unputdownable book, a very large one


I am exactly the same Kimmy although I think it does ease a bit I remember the first few nights were the worst.  I think if you can try and watch uplifting films read do the things you normally do.  Very hard when you are tired and can't sleep as it makes the following day difficult too. Someone said sometimes it is best to get up go downstairs for a bit rather than being in bed but I never have the energy to get up lol I just lay there worrying instead. I think the waiting is the hardest bit and once you know what's happening that will settle your mind xxxx ps warm milk before bed, anything is worth a go 

Thanks Sarah 

you or are so right it's the waiting that makes me feel helpless. It's only been a week but feels like a lifetime.  I know it's a case of getting on with it but just struggling a bit.  Feel a little alone given no one has been in touch or told me anything but I know I need to try and get on with things!! 

Thanks for the advice and I feel a bit comforted knowing it's not just me that struggles.



Kimmy I am just the same so down today with the waiting.  Ring your consultants secretary or cancer nurse specialist if you have one maybe if you know timescales you might feel a bit better. You are definitely not alone in all of the this we are all here going to get through it together. Biggest hugs xxxxx

I was so up and down and still am kimmy.

When I was in a mess because of how in the dark I felt I called my cns and explained hoe I felt. She then told me when the mdt meeting was so I had an idea of what was going on - wasn't easier but a bit more manageable. 

I'm guessing you've tried warm baths,  lavender, resvue remedy, candle, no technology etc? I find it better to get up if I wake.


hi,not cervix stage(waiting results)but previous waiting stage with breast cancer,i just asked the doctor for sleeing pills,am i the only one to do that,???mandy  

Hi Mandy 

the doc gave me anti anxiety tablets I could take for when I need them, however being a bit of a wimp and never taking anything stronger than a paracetamol I've been a bit scared to take them.  It's weird but knowing they are there is helpful even!

i think you should do whatever works for you that helps.



Hey Kimmy,

i know how you feel, my sleep pattern has gone mad. I wake up and my brain is just full of questions, fear and unknown. herbal oils, rescue remedy & calming music can help clear the mind x 

Not just you Wonthurtabit - I saw GP just after diagnosis however he put me off getting some valium!

For me two things work, one is giving up and getting up and drinking hot chocolate. Mainly though I fall asleep much more easily if listening to the guided meditations on YouTube. Sometimes writing in a diary has helped.