Any other "older" ladies here

Hi ladies. I thought CC is usually a younger womans disease. However I'm 62 and wondered if there are any more of us on here ?

I think mine came from a family history. My Mum died of womb cancer at 42 and my sister and I both had hysterectomies when we developed fibroids and the same constant bleeding Mum had. Sister had hers vaginally and they removed her cervix. My fibroids were too big so I had a tummy section and they left my cervix. This was 12 years ago.

Fast forward through 3 routine smear tests which all came back negative although I do remember the nurse saying my cervix was difficult to find as it seemed to be pushed to one side ? Did I have it all this time ?

My last clear smear test was in October 2016. I started bleeding in April 2017 and was diagnosed at stage 2B. I had always felt well and had no symptoms at all until the bleeding. I'm now wondering how long this had been growing !

I'm  also older 69  diagnosed with 2b serous adenocarcinoma and also felt well apart from bleeding after intercourse.  Finished treatment citplastin and radiotherapy +brachytherapy end of February waiting for results in April. 

Hope you continue to improve good luck 

Hi DD I think we are quite unusual. When I went for my routine breast screening last week the nurse there said that they usually stop doing cervical smears for anyone over 63 as they don't think them necessary .. although we can request to carry on with them.

Hope you are doing well after your treatment. I finished mine at the end of August last year.I had 5 citplastin and 32 radiotherapy. I couldn't have the brachytherapy but they didn't really explain why and just said it was because of my previous hystectomy.

I see my consultant again in April so good luck to both of us x

Hello Ladies. I am 60 now, diagnosed three years ago. I am sure there are more of us but perhaps they don't access the forum! There is a growing concern  that more older women will be diagnosed as we did not have access to the HPV vaccination, but more that screening stops at 65. That seems too young since CC is usually found by the screening programme or by presentation of symptoms. Perhaps there should be a campaign to not only encourage women to attend screening, but also to raise the age to 75? All the best to you both anyway.

I'm 44 and nearly all of the ladies I was in treatment alongside were over 60. So they kept referring to me as the 'baby' :D


Best of luck, this is a great forum. Kept me sane that's for sure.


Kate x

I’m 56   Nearly 57, no bleeding after sex, then bled at my smear test then diagnosed with stage 2b

i only had a smear as I did have a yellow discharge, which my doc though may have been vaginal atrophy.

so lucky really.

had my 25 chemorads before Xmas,then brachytherapy. 18 hours pulsed rate on 3/4th jan

wont know if it’s worked till April eeek!

Thanks ladies. Nice to know I'm not the only oldie here Smile Wishing us all good health x

hi Ladies

im 48 and had a total hysterectomy when I was 21 for heavy periods ......or so I thought. It transpired 8 years after my hysterectomy that I had CIN3 carcinoma in situ? To cut along story short my discharge letter was typed under another patient with a similar name and her discharge summary In my name.

Some 26 years later I’m developing similar symptoms but my gp is fobbing me off saying I ONLY had ore cancerous cells and im to anxious & nothing to worry about? I know something is wrong and know my own body, back when I had my hysterectomy I had no warning that anything was untoward and yes now I am very worried.

i feel very humble and inspired reading your stories and wish you all the very best of health for the future 

jayne xx

Hi Jayne. As you say you know your body best and I think you should push your GP for further investigation. Sounds like a bad mistake on the mix up.  I too had my hysterectomy because of large fibroids and heavy bleeding and in hindsight they should have taken my cervix too. Was yours removed ?

Hi Ladies

I am 61, was diagnosed with CC when I was 57. Found through a routine smear, no symptoms apart from the iron deficiency anaemia I had been treated for over 3 years for - told afterwards it was due to the cancer.  

My previous smear at 52 was clear, confirmed by a later audit.  I just wish that smears were still every 2 years after age 50 and not the 5 years they are.

I'm one of the lucky ones, surgery was successful and all checks have been clear to date.

Wishing you all health & happiness.



Hiya :-)

I am now 57, was diagnosed age 50. My mum is 87 and whilst she is fine one of her friends has been diagnosed recently, so yes, you can still get this approaching 90!

Be lucky :-)

I don’t know if I am even welcome here as I live in the USA. But they do not have anything like this forum over here. I have cervical cancer and I am a new 63. I have been going threw some worrisome test and I still do not know what stage. All I had was a small show of blood twice last March. I am so scared. i have had a cold knife cone biopsy a D&C 2 colposcopys a pet/Ct scan. I see my Doctor tomorro. She did say in July after the cone surgery that it “felt” like a stage 1? And as far as I was told by the nurse the pet scan did not show any spread to lymph nodes? I have never been so scared and lost in my life.The Doctor did say something about a radical hysterectomy. Why that if it has not spread. This has been going on now for 6 months and my streas level and depression is so high. I get so scared to even see my Oncologis. Just lost and clueless

The occurrence in older women is rising rapidly. Although I got it at 34 you will be far from.alone Sislori. There are people from all.nationalities here so of course you are most definitely welcome. A stage one is easily treatable. There are many survivors on here.  Hysterectomy is the logical choice. You need the best chance of getting the tumour completely out.  Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are  far from an easy.option and you are very lucky that it sounds like it's been caught early enough to avoid them. You have loads to be grateful for and you will soon feel.more positive. 


Hi sislori and welcome to the forum :-)

I am sorry to hear that you are having a difficult and scary time just at the moment. Nobody here minds where you are from, everyone is welcome :-) There are one or two different words used for different treatments in different parts of the world but most of us manage to understand each other pretty well.

I don't wish to jump the gun here but from what you have said in your post I think that you will be told that the type of cervical cancer you have is called adenocarcinoma. Adenocarcinoma accounts for roughly 20% of cervical cancers whereas Squamous Cell counts for about 80%. Squamous cell cervical cancer begins its horrid little life right out there on the surface of the cervix where it can easily be detected. Adenocarcinoma is a lot more sneaky than that and tends to start out partway up inside your cervical canal. From there it can grow inwards as well as outwards and this makes it quite difficult to work out exactly how big it is. This is the reason for a radical hysterectomy, whip the whole lot out before it takes the short cut to your ovaries.

When I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in 2011, my consultant thought I was a stage 1B2, but once the hysterectomy had taken place, all the bits removed were assessed in the lab and I was re-staged at 2B because my tumour was larger than had been expected. I hope that helps. Try not to be scared, you are in good hands.

Be lucky :-)