Any one pls - Anxious & Alone Colposcopy :(


2 weeks ago at an annual health check the doctor said I had lesions and abnormal cervix that bled out when touched. (this was during smear test)

i now have a date 25th June (Urgent referal) for Colposcopy

my smear result was clear :). But Kidney Function is low for my age (I'm 44) is this related ????

i have mixed feelings, should I be worried ? Or being as smear is clear should I no longer require the Colposcopy ???

should I cancel ?


im a single mum (son 15) worried :(



Personally I wouldn't cancel your apt

however, it seems that it hasn't been made very clear to you as to why you have the appointment with you having a clear smear, This should of been explained to you in a little more detail. Perhaps they are just taking precautions and trying to find out a little more about your abnormal cervix, please try not to worry (I know that is easier said than done) hopefully one of the ladies on here who has had a very similar experience may be more helpful. All I can say is my opinion is they are being thorough, best wishes xxx

Definitely don’t cancel if you have been referred to colposcopy it will be for a reason! You’d be mad to cancel. They just need to have a look because you bled and it didn’t look right in the smear. It’s very positive if your smear was clear, it’ll be something simple like polyps or something that they sort easy peasy but you don’t want to leave it.
The colposcopy so painless and nothing to worry about, if they do biopsys or anything it doesn’t hurt either. I know it scary but I bet you’ll be fine as you smear was clear xx

Hi JJ, Sorry to hear you are going through such a stressful time. I had something similar on my previous smear 3 years ago. Duing my smear the nurse said she was referring me as she didn't like how my cervix looked. Like you I had a very anxious wait. I got a very quick appointment as well. The doctor I saw was lovely and she had a good look and showed on the screen that it was red and a bit damaged looking but it was down to cervical erosion (wear and tear is how she put it) and my smear was clear so I just had to go back in 3 years. I hope this helps you know that the visual changes don't have to mean cell changes or any treatment. If you have any other questions, give me a shout. Sending you best wishes for your appointment. Dxxx

hey...defo dont cancel  its better to be safe than sorry. as the other ladies have said you will prob be fine. good luck with it all, lea xx

Hi i have had problems with my cervix bleeding for 20 years, they said it was errosion when i went for smear test 9/10 i bled after it was done

it is only this smear test came back abnormal, i got my colposcopy examination 2 weeks ago, and was told i have something on my cervix they think its a polyop

i have to get loop treatment this week to remove it, it doesnt sound too bad, going by people on heres experience

if i were u i would go and at least they will fix the errosion for you, im looking forward to my errosion hopefully getting sorted after 20 years

good luck xx


Thank you for your lovely responses.  Colposcopy tomorrow, wish me luck ;) xxxxxx. I'm actually feeling ok x

Hiya..I also have colposcopy today..(in less than an hour to be fair) absolutely dreading it but needs must x 

Good luck xx