Any one have LLETZ la successful just once

Hi can I ask is there anyone having cin3 and told to do lLETZ under Local anesthetic? Can I ask is that painful? Whether the lletz can remove the bad cells?does any one need the second lletz ?

I had LLETZ under local anesthesia in September 2021. I had cin3. The procedure was painless and took about 15 min. The recovery was OK and I did another cervical screening 6 months after which went well. My HPV is gone and no more nasty cells. I believe this is what happens in the 90% of cases. The procedure is normally quite effective, so don’t worry. It’s quite likely that it’ll all go well and you won’t need anymore treatment. I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much. I just read some cases in this forum that some one need one more lletz as the first one may not cut the edge clear. Can I ask whether that will affect pregnancy?

I’m so anxious as one of my friend said the LA was so terrible and painful when the speculator open the vignia and the leep knife cut the pieces of the cervix. She said she was not clean all the cell that time so she need the second lletz. It frightens me a lot

Hello I had local anesthetic for CIN3 and CGIN and was absolutely painless. About 20 minutes long. Try not to worry is easier than it sounds. Take care

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Hi @lisabs

I had a LLETZ for CIN3 but mine was under general so i cant really help there… but i only needed the one LLETZ treatment which is alot more common than needing to have another, you do see it alot here but thats usually only because the ones who are successful only a handful come back and update since all is well and the ones whos havnt are looking for reassurance/advice

When i had my LLETZ i was told about the potential risks to future pregnancies, however the percentages are very small and they dont usually worry if youve only had the one LLETZ you just need to let the midwife know at the time youve had treatment in the past for abnormal cervical cells… but many woman even those who have had 3 LLETZ treatments have gone on to have perfectly healthy babies and carried them to full term… they are very big on preserving your fertility as much as they can just be sure make your wishes known :slight_smile: xx

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Thank you so much. So can I ask how to ask for GA instead of LA? The nurse in the hospital say they only did LA

You can usually request to have it done under general, you normally just ask the person whos doing the treatment usually before the treatment appointment, you could always give the colposcopy unit a call and tell them you would prefer to have it done under general instead of local they may still be able to do something for you xx

I had Lletz once and it worked, no need to do it again. It took about 15 mins - I wouldn’t say it was painless, but it wasn’t unbearable by any means. More uncomfortable and scratchy. Just take it easy the next day - I went into work thinking I was fine but I nearly fainted when I went for a walk. That may have been because of the biopsy they took rather than the lletz.


I had CGIN and a top hat LLETZ to remove it. I found the local anaesthetic uncomfortable but it was over very quickly. The procedure wasn’t too bad, there were two points where it became very uncomfortable but this didn’t last.

I am on a 6 month repeater, but my margins were clear as was the last test.

LLETZ was uncomfortable for me at times but it really wasn’t that bad. The discomfort was localised and it wasn’t for the duration of the procedure. Good luck with yours

I had a lletz twice as the first treatment the didn’t find clear margins. But it wasnt so much painful but uncomfortable. For me i found the smell the worst. Hope everything goes well for you.

I had LLETZ under local anaesthetic and it didn’t hurt at all. Yes, it’s a little uncomfortable but the nurses were amazing and did everything to make me at ease. They talked to me the whole time to distract me, it was over in about 15 minutes and I walked out of there with no problems. Personally, I would hate to have a general anaesthetic for such a quick procedure. I’m currently awaiting the results.