Any one had to have a 'picc line'?

Hi everyone

Well I had my planning scan yesterday and they had a real nightmare trying to out in a line for the contrast. I’ve had so many needles in the last few weeks my veins have given in.!
My oncologist called me this morning as the scan with no contrast is no good, so I’ve got to have it again.
My viens have been a topic of conversation apparently and they think that because of the chemo and all the bloods I should have a picc line put in next week so get the contrast done and then leave in for all the treatment!
Has anyone had to have one? It kind of seems serious to have it, will be a constant reminder of ‘being ill’ and the cancer ifkwim?
Thanks for your thoughts
Kelly x


I had a central veinous line implanted for my chemo and I wish I had said no - see my posts with searchword "scars".  My first one got infected and I was hospitalised with MRSA.  The next one was fine, but it did restrict my activities because it couldn't get wet - I had to wash my hair in the sink and wash myself bit-by-bit in the shower with clingfilm on my chest!  More than two years on I have scars on my cleavage which I hate.

Apparently, you can't play golf or tennis or go hunting (recoil from the rifle!) if you have a central veinous line in your chest... 

If your veins are really bad, it might be the best option. However, they can be put into your arm - and even leg - so you should ask for this if you care about how you look in a low neck or swimsuit.

Best of luck for your treatment.

Big Hugs

Hi, I had a picc line, they are inserted into the top of your arm and for me it was fantastic I almost wanted to keep it!  I am a wuss when it comes to needles and when having twice weekly blood tests, weekly chemo and various other medications/treatments  (pregnancy related) it saved me so muchstress and pain.  They even managed to put the fluids and pain relief through it when having brachytherapy treatments.  I would definately recommend having a picc line. 

Wish I could attach the picture of my PICC line for u too see...