Any one discharging black things after Lletz?

I had lletz 10 days before.I keep on discharging black things everytime I go to toilet or stand up. I can see a lot of black things on my sanitary towel. Any one same as me ?

Hi @lisabs

The black bits are from the scab healing and coming away, it means everything is going smoothly and your healing well :slight_smile: xx

but I got huge black things . Not just flecks. I keep on having that everytime I go to toliet . It discharging

It can be alarming but it is a normal part of healing process, i had fleshy bits in mine but it is just from the scab… aslong as your discharge doesnt turn green or yellow and your not in pain you should be fine :slight_smile: xx

I was so shocked when I had black coming out, then tonnes of discharge. 4 weeks down and only am I getting back to normal. It is disgusting and I hated it, but I think totally normal. Well as normal as it can be having it done!

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