Any local ladies round me? Axminster Devon area

I just wondered if there was local ladies near me going through this or if everybody is far away!!

Just out of interest really. Iv met lovely ladies in Exeter hospital so just wondered if they were on here to keep in touch

I'm near Exeter, I have grade 1a2 whatever that means!

How are you coping with going in on the 18th? Hope it's not too traumatic for you xx

thinking of you and lots of love


Hey monster

I sent you a pm on Fb but not sure if you saw it? I live near Taunton so not a million miles from you xx

Hi there. My name is Lucy I am 39 and live in Taunton. In the last 3 weeks I found a lump, had biopsies, further investigations and have just been told I have stage 1B1 cervical cancer. The team at Musgrove have been amazing, and I am already booked in for a radical hysterectomy on 19th April 2016. I have just joined the Bristol group but just wondered if anyone in the Taunton area would like to get together for a coffee? I have been signed off work between now and then so am a 'lady of leisure' with plenty of time on my hands!?! I am surprised how well I am coping with the news, and see it as an inconvenience as I am 40 this year and have some wonderful plans in place. However this is not going to stop me doing anything! I hope to hear from someone in a similar boat soon xx