Any ladies with Colposcopy date booked for the 5th June 2017?

Hello, just asking if anyone has the same date booked as me for their colposcopy.

maybe keep each other sane through and whilst awaiting results.

im in south east. 

Hi Tashie,


I am still waiting for my letter with appointment.... but probably it will arrive any day now. So we won't be far off.  

How long did you wait for your appointment from receiving the results. I had my referral done week ago and still nothing. 

What is your grade? Moderate or severe ?

Mine is on the 6th... really hoping to hear something/have treatment on the day. Not sure I can take much more waiting and have my wedding in July! Let me know how you get on x

Hi Daria26,

in my case it was the hospital who analysed my results, they referred me for the colposcopy.

smear test date 21 April

result received 25 may.

date on colposcopy  invite was 26 may


result of smear was severe

Hi there Daria

I have my colposcopy on 5th too.


My Doctor referred me following an appointment on Monday to remove my coil.


Apparently she could see cervical abnormalities and it is very inflamed and bleeding on contact. It is not a typical ectropion.

I have had previous CIN 3 and a lletx procedure too.


How are you doing?


Hello Tigger,

Unfortunately I am still waiting for colposcopy appointment. I was referred last Tuesday.  Called hospital today and apparently they have not even received it yet! I don't know if that's normal.... 

So you had colposcopy before and now you're having it again? Did they not remove all the cells at the first appointment ?

I had my first colposcopy and Lletz 10 years ago and then had 2 children. I had another colposcopy whilst I was pregnant and had a polyp - childbirth took care of that an my cervix was fine at 12 weeks post party.

My last smear was in 2014 and was clear.

This seems to be a recen development for me. 

hi daria, I have mine on the 7th June. Quite nervous, but just want it over with  

hope it goes well today 


I had my colposcopy on 25th May and Dr took bioposy at the same time.  Awaiting anxiously for results.  Hope it goes well x


Hope ye got on ok today xx

Hey how did you get on?? 

Id my colposcopy today with two biopsies, I was a nervous wreck, I was even crying, i was just so nervous and worried. It went ok as in pain hardly none just uncomfortAble . Small bit sore now though 

have to wait 3/4 weeks for results! It was bad enough waiting 8 weeks for my colposcopy! Just want this over with . Let us know how it went x 

Hi all! I had abnormal smear , but in my letter says only Dyskaryosis - no grade or anything else.And same day receive letter for app for colposcopy.So my colposcopy was on the 13.06.2017 .I asked why I have no grade or more info, why it's just Dyskaryosis and she said that there is no grade here so they have to do colposcopy and LLETZ same morning.All fine but now I'm waiting on results and the more days passing the most scary I am.Is that cancer????

In the leflet they gave me is says that Loop Diathermy is not treatment of choise for cancer and this is not cancer , but this is only general leflet.

So I can't wait , I'm so worried!!!