any info please x

Hello ladies. I was just wondering if anybody could give me abit of advice/info please :) I went for a colposcopy on the 16th december and then a few days later got a letter back saying I had CGIN and a date will be arranged to go in to hospital to have a loop excision... I was just wondering what yhis is and how long do they roughly take? I was meant to go for a pre op assesment on the 27th dec and was booked in for the 30th unfortunatly I had to cancel and today recieved a letter to go in on mon 13th jan but havnt been given a time or a date for a pre op assesment this time... so I am feeling abit confused at the moment has I havnt a clue really whats happening "/ 

x rach x

Hi Rach,

I too was diagnosed with CGIN and had a loop. It's quite scary as all the info is about CIN and there is very little on CGIN. Some people have the loop under GA but mine was under LA so it just depends on your individual case. If its GA I'm not too sure but under local it was very quick, was in and out in about 30 mins and the procedure was probably only about 10 - quicker and less painful than the colposcopy for me. I found the colp very uncomfortable and painful so was worried about the loop but it was absolutely fine!

I am now waiting for my results from the loop - 2 and a half weeks later. I'm still recovering from the procedure, I have had a lot of bleeding but some women have less. Try to ask your doctor what to expect for the weeks afterwards as mine was very vague!

Thank you for getting back to me :) see I havnt even a clue what anaesthetic I am meant to be having. Going to ring the hospital on monday and try to get some answers to what is going on, for some silly reason I had got it in to my head that I would be in hospital allll day ha. The colposcopy didnt bother me at all so hopefully I will be fine. Hope you start feeling a lot better soon and all the best with your results xx

Hiys hun big hugs to u it sou d like they want to put you to sleep if you have a pre op app but am not 100% as evry nhs is diffrent xxx

Yikesss I am scared now "/ ha. Will hopefully know for definate when I ring them on mon whats going on as they havnt given me a pre op date this time xx

Hi girls…
It sounds like you will be given a ga if you r having a pre op assessment… I had my first smear at beginning of December and results cams back severe dyskaryosis. Went for colposcopy two weeks later and was told I needed a LLETZ urgently.
They managed to fit me in for my pre op assessment the same day.
I had my LLETZ done on Xmas eve under a ga and i was out the same afternoon.
I’m now anxiously waiting for the results.
Good luck Rachylou xxx

Well I have just phoned the hospital and they said yep I am having a general anaesthetic :( which as really scared me now as I have never been in hospital properly (apart from having my little girl). Do you think they are having to do it under a general because it is CGIN not CIN? Still not told my mum what I am going through as I didnt want her to get upset especially as its all happened around christmas but I guess I better had now! Xx

Hi rachy lou

Mine is CGIN and I had lletz under local. I don't know why some do it under local and some general. Hopefully someone who has had it done will be along soon to advise you more. I do think you should tell your mum though. Maybe start off by playing it down a little (like everyone else does!) Might be easier to tell her if it doesn't have to be a big 'thing'.

I rang today also but no results yet.

Hmm I wonder why mine is under ga... got to go for a pre op assessment if they can fit me in this week so I will prob find out more then "/ I have coped quite well up to now with everything just the first few days I was really upset and not mysel... I know I am going to still find it hard telling her I cant keep pitting it off though :( x

Good luck with your results :) xx