Any HRT experience in middle 30s?

After RH, I have to do some adjuvant chemo radiation due to micrometasis in one Sentinel node…I am offered option to transpose my ovaries or go on HRT… I am 36. I have not had any children. Currently in process of going through IVF to save our embryos… I wonder if anyone here have had experience with HRT since 30s? I heard it has positive effect on many things… but What should I expect if I take it…? Will I age to 50s in 1-2 year in appearance or I would go on aging normally?

Many thanks

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Hey, I had the ovary transposition surgery, since I had one pelvic lymph node involvement I had to have extended field radiation & for me the surgery was unsuccessful in the end, I went into menopause at the age of 33. My dr made me wait a year before going on HRT to see if maybe my ovaries would start working but they never did, so I’m on HRT now. I definitely think the HRT helps but is not the same as normal estrogen. I’m 35 now don’t look 50 yet lol :joy: but do have to moisturizer more , try not to worry about the HRT it’s not that bad, just try to focus on your treatment. Wishing you well, Marissa


@Rissag i am sorry that your transposition didn’t end up work for you. I hope they get you on some good HRT. Your post offers me some relief… So we are not going to shrink into a pickle after Hormone drop…? There isn’t much info around in Uk, but it seems In US, many ladies using HRT as beauty products to keep looking younger… I have no idea what’s the effects of those on us in the 30s… did ur consultant prescribe to you patches/gels or pills…?

How was your ovary transposition experience…? My surgeon is still offering me this option but I am concerned of the downside noting I have 1 micrometasis node on the left… if I am to do it, I probably move the right one up… if I still have time, rushing my IVF at the moment… did u experience any pain afterward…? How was the operation like…?

I hope u r now fully recovered from the treatment. Wish u a lovely festival season ahead. I will be in the middle of chemorads through Xmas. Xx

Really sorrry you’re having to go through all this. I am your age and am due to have a hysterectomy too. I would be interested to hear people’s experiences of HRT. X

@Lemon_Lavender thank you LL, are you sparing your ovaries from hysterectomy? I am 4 weeks post hysterectomy, hormone test return all normal as before. But If ovaries are to go at hysterectomy, your consultant should put u on HRT straight away… I am told radiation induced POI takes a few months but surgical one is immediate. Wish you best of luck! We will all come out of this stronger x

I think I’ll be keeping my ovaries. I’m having a scan as I’ve been experiencing pain just above my public bone and shooting pain up into my vagina. My oncologist said it may be that cysts have developed. I am fortunate that the cancer was found early at stage 1a1 so the cancer found was very small. Although I can’t help but worry that something more will be found on the scan. I keep telling myself that cancer is notoriously not painful and therefore it is far more likely to be something else. X

All the best luck to you! The diagnosis is a long process - not until the pathology report after hysterectomy. Be positive but do tell your oncologist all your symptoms to be cautious. X

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I’m on pills for my Hrt, they actually have me on a Birth control pill. It definitely helped with hot flashes.

I had my ovary transposition at the same time I had a sentinel lymphendectomy surgery. They had to take a couple lymph nodes out around my body to see if I had any para aorta spread, thankfully I didn’t just a pelvic lymph node. I’m not too sure how just a ovary transposition surgery will feel but it is a surgery so I’m sure it will come with some soreness. I was extremely sore after my surgery but I’m sure it was a mixture of both of my should ask your doctor what he percentage ge thinks the success rate would be on you with the surgery, especially since you will be having extended field radiation because of your lymph node involvement . My IVF was rushed as well, wishing you many eggs :hugs:

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@Rissag thanks for the wisdom. I just had my first scan today so they are growing! My surgeon can only tell me statistics, although he is one of the best in the country… he would let me decide although he feels if I make many good embryos, just for hormone then its only marginal benefit… with 1% chance of metastasis noting my cancer type. He did mention chronic pain and other risks etc. He thinks if it’s just for Hormone, HRT does good job. So I think I will wait for my embryo results to decide… I can either us the extra weeks to do another round of IVF or transpose my ovaries… if my chemorads oncologist let me. I haven’t had planning CT yet.

Did u have definitive chemorads or adjuvant chemorads?

So encouraging and happy that you are doing so well and in a very positive state, passing on strength to all of us! X

I just had the regular chemo/rads. My tumor was too big for hysterectomy . It’s rough in the beginning when they give u those decisions to decide. Yeah I did the transposition surgery for hormones & hopefully to get more eggs out, since my ivf was so rushed they only managed to get 2 eggs out . I kinda wish they would have talked about turning them into embryos right then & there instead of freezing my eggs, but I try not to dwell on it too much.I really wish the surgery would have worked so I didn’t have to go into menopause.

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Most importantly you are healed now. You have two eggs there waiting to give life! I am not sure how many I will get yet… I am guessing they have to put you on combined HRT cos you still have uterus and having period…? I was told to keep trying new HRT until finding the ones that work. We women really should be given more consultation in these things… that matters to us so much. Let’s bd hopeful together and I will share what I learn that might be helpful x

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