Any help welcome

Hi I have been reading the forums for the past couple of weeks and find them so helpful. I wondered if any of you could give me any insight into my situation? I am sorry that I have not being diagnosed yet so perhaps should not be in this forum but wanted to ask people who have been diagnosed if you had any similar experiences to me? I had CIN 3 about 7 years ago that was burnt off with LLETZ and had clear smears since. A few months ago I started bleeding between periods so went to the doctors. I saw a different doctor to normal who examined me and thought it was an ectropic cervix. She also referred me for an ultrasound of the pelvix (which was clear). A few weeks later I went back to the doctors for a different reason as I was feeling very very fatigues, dizzy etc. I saw my normal doctor and mentioned the bleeding again. She is an ex gyne consultant so asked if she could examine me again. She seemed a bit concerned and didn't think it was an ectropic. She said she was referring me urgently to colposcopy. I went on 6th December and had an awful time with three punch biopsies (one inside of the cervix) and lots of bleeding after it. They also did a smear. When I saw it on the big screen it was nothing like what I had seen on the Internet. It didn't look like a normal cervix or an ectropian. It was as if there was loads of excess flesh pushing out (sorry for TMI). I have been waiting an waiting and eventually got a letter but no results at all. It was just a letter for 28th March and said I could take someone with me if I wanted. I tried the hospital but could not get through to anyone. I then rang my doctors. The receptionist was lovely and said that she could see a letter that was sent to the doctors on 24th Jan. She then went quiet and said she could not open it. She put me on hold. She then came back and suggested I speak to the doctor about the results. She offered me an appointment at 8.50 on Monday ( and they never have appointments!). I am really worried that it is bad news. What do you all think? Am I overreacting or could it signal something is wrong. I am fine with both outcomes as I know it is very treatable but just feel left in the dark over the weekend until I see the doctor. thanks in advance for any suggestions? xxxxxx

Hi vicky99

well the good news is that I really do not believe it is cancer because they would have given you an appointment right away not the end of March. They have time lines they have to fallow when it is cancer. 

The bad news is that there is defiantly something going on or the nurse would have said why you have a scheduled appointment booked in march. So.....

what can be left .....

not sure what it could be but Monday isn't that far away. Keep busy and take it as it comes. 

Chin up you will get through this