any help please ... no matter how small !

hey guys,


just after  a bit of help as my dr's receptionist was as helpful as a chocolate fireguard.


so basically july last year i had my first smear and it came back as mild changes, i got sent for a colposcopy and they gave me some biopsys, i was then recalled back to hospital for a lletz treatment and came back cin3


so i will admit that i was a little late for my next smear just because i couldnt be assed with all the hastle again.


today the dr rang and said my results were back and that there were no abnormalities but there was still hpv and that id need to go to colposcopy.


i asked her if that ment i was going to be going for a colposcopy now or in 6 months or a year ????


so my question is ..................


1. will i be going for a colposcopy now ?


and if so .........

what exactly will they be doing ? surely if there is no eveidential changes then biopsys are pointless or is it just incase they missed anything.


just kinda wanna prepare myself, so my head isnt running circles


Because HPV testing is so new, but we do know that when it is persistant it can cause problems they do colps to err on the safe side. I know its a faff, but its better to keep on top of these things. All the best.


J xxx

Hi Ladies

I was also treated for CIN3 back in August 2010 and have been having yearly smears since then which I'm pleased to say have all been clear. However, at my most recent test a few weeks back they also tested for HPV it seems and this has come back positive. I now have to go back for another colposcopy. I'm a bit all over the place as my actual smear said it was clear but have this HPV?! 


My question/concern is whether this colposcopy is therefore necessary and what they might do there on the day whether or not ilL need more lletz treatment and if this is even possible.


Am really very confused and worried!