Any help appreciated after LLETZ under GA

Hi I had my abnormal smear, colposcopy and punch biopsy which came back CIN 2, was told I would have to be put to sleep this time for my treatment. Had my treatment yesterday and spoke to the consultant while still in recovery room so was not quite with it.

Hoping for some help to decipher my letter.

Small ectropion which becomes mild ACW. Large lesion-almost all ectocervix becomes patchy ACW and iodine negative. Small extension on the anterior fornix but other vaginal fornices clear. Not possible to excise all iodine negative area with LLETZ or NETZ (not required). Central more dense ACW removed with large loop in 3 pieces. Rollarball diathermy ablation performed of all remaining iodine negative area.

What is ACW?
Small extension on the anterior fornix. Does this mean the abnormal cells have spread a little bit?
Is the large loop in 3 pieces same as the LLETZ?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

I believe ACW means aceto white which means that areas have turned white when they put the solution onto the cervix. The areas that turn white are the areas with abnormal cells.

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Thank you