Any experience with this?

Hello everybody!

I had my LEEP done a few days shy of 4 weeks ago. I had a few bumps in the road due to heavy bleeding around my usual cycle time- but other then that I have been doing great! Had a follow up last week and was told things looked excellent recovery wise.

However, I’m going to be giving my gyno a call tomorrow to see about going in to get a swab for possible BV. I’ve never had BV (that I’m aware of) but know it is extremely common and have heard of it being pretty common after a LEEP as well as your good bacteria can get thrown out of whack during the procedure. Not to mention my gyno put me on birth control pills for a few months to help with the bleeding I was experiencing during my early recovery and maybe this is contributing to it as well?

Has anyone experienced this before? I’m having mild discharge that is more “watery” but I know that could be considered normal for recovery. But I’ve noticed an off smell the last few days or so? Sorry if TMI :see_no_evil: I don’t think it’s the typical “infection” most worry about in early recovery as I’m further along and also was checked a week ago and was told it looked great. The mild smell is what most describe during BV though. Any similar experiences?

After my LLETZ I had a discharge that smelt and was told I had to go to my GP and not the consultant I was under (can’t remember exactly how long but think it was 3/4 weeks) GP didn’t seem to know best way to deal it and was just going to give me antibiotics but then called back and booked me to go for a swab, which came back clear so never got to the bottom of it, but I just put down to LLETZ and recovery. I found that the smell side of it lasted about 5 days, I also panicked that other people would also smell it, luckily managed to work at home for the few days and avoided seeing anyone.
Hope all is well otherwise.

Thank you so much for sharing! I figured maybe it was due to recovery possibly, it’s not a super strong odor but (TMI) if I smell it there is a lingering “off smell” ? I just left a message for my gyno to get their advice and maybe go in for a swab to be sure it’s not BV or something like that. So I guess we’ll see what they advise!