Any diet suggestions?

I received my diagnosis on Friday last week following abnormal bleeding, abnormal smear, colposcopy and biopsy.  I had EUA with cystoscopy and sygmoidoscopy yesterday. MRI on Friday. I am normally fit and healthy with an ok diet.  But as I am now rapidly progressing toward treatment hysterectomy +/- radio/chemo I just wondered if there is anything I could do food/drink wise to help me before and in recovery?  Thank you x 

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Believe me as word gets out you will have every Tom dick and Harry telling you of 'magic' foodstuffs, supplements etc!!!!

cancer research site has a good page on cancer myths and also a page on diet. 


From a hysterectomy perspective I found peppermint tea really helpful for wind and dried figs for constipation! 

Hi Liz,

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

Personally I don't believe in 'magic' or 'super' foods.

For the surgery stage I have heard many people recommend peppermint tea though I never tried that. I ended up having quite a bit of powdered chamomile drink for babies but that was most likely because I was on a maternity ward.

I did take liquid aloe vera during radiotherapy and I didn't have too rough a ride. I was given a pretty strict diet supposed to reduce irritation in the lower intestine but as far as I can tell the recommended radiotherapy diet varies enormously around the world. 

Chemo put me right off coffee so I replaced that with green tea (Twinings variety with lemon suited me best)

I suppose as a general rule of thumb you probably want to make sure you are getting your full compliment of vitamins and I think that proteins are good for rebuilding.

Be lucky


Hi Liz,

I'm in my 4th week of chemo/radiation (staged 1B2).  My appetite is so up - it's really bizarre, as I thought the chemo would make me sick and not want to eat anything.

When I had talked to my doctor about changing my diet for the treatment, he said I could eat whatever I want that wasn't going to make me sick, but to stay away from foods that can make me gassy (like beans and rice), as gas bubbles can affect the radiation.

I'm the same as you - I'm pretty fit and healthy.  But this treatment is causing me to eat more cheeseburgers!  It's a craving, and I give into it.  I also continue to exercise, which really has helped with the fatigue.

Good luck with your treatment!