Any advice?

Please help!
Long story cut short but April 2015 I had a routine smear which showed abnormal changes so 1st June went for colposcopy at local hospital. Unbeknown to anyone during this it dislodged my coil and I found out I was pregnant 9 weeks later with baby no 4! I then waited 12 weeks after having my baby to have a follow up colposcopy where it was discovered I had high grade CGIN which needed an LLETZ. I had this on 6th August this year and although it was uncomfortable it seemed ok. I had quite watery discharge for 10 days after then bleeding which was like a heavy period however on Thurs 18th August the bleeding turned spectacular and I was bleeding through pads every 20 mins and they took me back in to hospital and cauterised it again. I have had bleeding since then, sometimes lighter and sometimes really heavy again. When they cauterised it they took a biopsy from inside the lining of the womb so i’m now patiently waiting for any results.
Any advice about bleeding? Is this normal? Will it stop soon? Also any experience of CGIN3 and biopsies of lining of the womb. With 4 small children I’m absolutely sh*@%&g myself!
Thanks x x

Hi Kimmy-g

What a time you've had! You poor thing. Sending hugs! 

I don't have any experience of CGIN (i had CIN3 removed via lletz) but from what I've read I gather that it's the same as CIN only higher up. I think that goes for its levels too, i.e. 1, 2 or 3. 

I would call your doctor and get the heavy bleeding checked out. It could be infected. Best to be on the safe side. 

Sorry I can't be of more help just didn't want to read and run. You sound so terrifed in your post and that I can relate to. 

Take care x