Any advice plz

Hi I recently posted on here I have a 7cm mass from my cervix to my whomb went for a emergancy mri Friday (waiting for results) im in so much pain there so like labour pains I've took painkillers but it's not touching it I've tryed everything but nowt is easing it any one no any hints or tips to calm it down im in so much pain :,(

Hello xsamiex, sorry u r suffering with this pain. I don't know if any other ladies would agree but if youve had this pain for several hours & it's not easing off then I would suggest you go to A&E. I know we're not meant to go unless it's a dire emergency but you ARE paying for this service via nisc so you are entitled to use it. No one should have to suffer really bad pain & not be able to access help. Good luck my dear. Let us know how you get on.xx

I've had it for 4 hours it's horrid but I dnt want to bother the a&e :(

Hello sweetheart,

I've never had a labour pain but I used to have some really crippling period pains and the only thing that would even touch them were pills that contained mefenemic acid. They took about two hours to work. But I think they are prescription only so you might find that the quickest way out of this is indeed A&E. Don't worry about bothering them, the people they hate are the ones who are roaring drunk and still brawling.

Be lucky


I had terrible pains that were unbearable, i used to be forever in the bath because heat helped so much. My advise is go to your GP, my oncologist always says to me you should not be in pain, there are drugs that can help you. I take Zomporph 30mg morning and night (morphine) and that keeps me out of pain. So whilst your ongology team are dealing with blasting whatever you have, you just concentrate on getting your pain under control.

Im stage 4a and I am positive im going to get through this, treatment is so so good these days. Just get yourself out of pain and concentrate on looking after yourself and staying positive. Thats half the battle!

Lots of luck to you! xxxxx


September/October 2014 - Started with occassional bleeding after intercourse and spot bleeding between periods. Back pain and leaking bladder but was travelling abroad at the time.

2/11/2014 - Went for STI check at local GUM clinic as thought this was explanation for my symptoms - was urgently reffered to oncologist.

18/11/2014 - Confirmed Cervical Cancer and sent for biopsy operation which later confirmed stage 3b

Early December 2014 - Results of PET scan showed lymph gland involvement so restaged at stage 4a

23/12/2014 - Started Chemotherapy Cysplatin and 5FU

30/01/2014 - Further PET san following 2 rounds of Chemo to check progress and re-assess treatment plan

11/02/2014 - Appointment to deliver results of scan and discuss next steps