any advice on waiting for biospy results

hi all


i am sorry this queston as prob been asked a million times.


i had a colopscopy... she said she thought the cells was in the medium catogry. i didnt watch the sceen but my parnter did and he said the abnormal cells was all way round the hole in the cervix (sorry no idea what its called) she took 3 bisopys and one from inside this hole. 


im awaiting results.. my question is would she said it looked like meduim so not high or low. does this mean its deffo not cancer.. and also can they burn cells out from inside the hole.


sorry if this doesnt make sense 

sorry i  should have said im 25 and she said i will need treatment but have to wait for my results to know what treatment 

Hi there

its such an anxious time isn't it? When they say treatment they probably mean taking these abnormal cells away, I had my colposcopy this morning and had a deep lletz treatment at the same time, this means taking the abnormal cells away to analyse any abnormal cells if moderate is a good sign as it's just pre cancerous cells at this stage, mine were high grade pre cancerous cells, the biopsy results will tell you more xx

thank you for your reply.

yes very worrying.. i wish she would off just done treatment there and then instead off making me wait for results :(

hope all is okay with you now xx

I know what an anxious and worrying time this can be, I was going through this only 2 months ago. I was told that the dr carrying out my colposcopy could see high grade precancerous cells. These are not cancer even at the highest grade, but can eventually develop into cancer if left. So better they decide to take them out :-) She took some biopsys and told me my results should be back within a month, only took 2 weeks. And told me that I would be invited back for an operation under ga to have these cells removed as they didn't want to keep them, but couldnt have the small op done on that day as they were more awkward to reach and would be very uncomfortable. Long story short I am going back in for another smear and colposcopy as my biopsy results came back normal which put a spanner in the works for the drs as both results conflicted and havnt had any kind of operation or treatment either yet.

Please try not too worry too much, as I know the wait can feel like forever but it really isn't. Hope you get your results soon xx

Your welcome

just a little pain tbh but nothing compared to the worry of waiting and not knowing, it may of been because of the moderate cells and not high grade cells like mine, that's why they rushed me through for an appt so quickly and did the treatment there and then, I understand though as I would be exactly the same as you, don't worry as they will get you treated as soon as they know your results xx 

As for advice, after the initial shock and getting your head around what they have found I did find this site a real comfort.

It put to rest many of my worries, and explained things so much better than what the drs had.

You could always give the colposcopy clinic a ring to have them explain further to you, as it can be an awful lot to take in and you forget to ask things.

Since being told I had high grade precancerous cells I have waited a whole 9 weeks in total to be told they will have me back in in june for a repeat smear and colposcopy, during that time ive just put it to the back of my mind, as if they were concerned with my health I would be in so much sooner.

It did say in my letter when I had my biopsy results back that my health was in no great risk whilst I wait, so that has been very comforting too :-) xx 

thank you all who replied and shared your experinces . im just going to be paient, im sure they would have known if it was cancer so i need to stop worrying xx