Any advice , Feeling anxious cone biopsy awaiting result

Hi I hope you're all ok ? 

I'm feeling very anxious , coloscopy found cin3 in 2015 but I was pregnant so couldn't have the treatment lletz , was finally booked for oct 2016 but I'd fallen pregnant again ( purely accidental contraception fail ) , however July 2017 I had a biopsy that showed signs of invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix with evidence of glandular involvement but after a review it was downgraded bk to cin3 and booked a cone biopsy which has been done (still bleeding 10 days later )  ... but no one will discuss anything with me until the pathology report is bk , so it's confused me & making me anxious ... do have ? Don't I have ? No ones helped ease my mind , it's affecting my mental health I'm petrified   


has anyone experienced this ? Or anything similar ?