Anxiously waiting

I am 33 years old with three beautiful girls. At the age of 22 I tested positive for HPV and had my first abnormal pap smear. I went back for a biopsy which confirmed I had precancerous cells so I had treatment for it and after the birth of my last child at the age of 27 my pap smears started coming back clear. Well last week i went for my yearly exam which I will add that I went two years without getting my pap smear because my gynecologist I was using retired and I just put back finding another one till last week. So I went on Monday to have my pap smear done and then didn't realize till Sunday that they has called me Thursday and asked for me to call back. Of course with all the abnormal smears that I've had in the past I immediately start thinking the worst. I've been calling all morning today to get ahold of someone of course they are not answering, I'm assuming they are closed today for some reason. The worrying and the wait is terrible. I've never had them call me back after just three days of have a pap smear which makes me think the worst even more.  

Got a hold of the doctor today and my pap was abnormal and go Monday to be looked under the microscope. Really nervous. 

Hey Cassieholder84 i know how you feel i had my colosopy test last week i was very nervous trust me there is nothing to worry about you will be perfectly fine just take deep breaths and think poistive i was in the exactly position as you relax your mind dear.