Anxiously awaiting first post treatment scan!

Hello ladies, 

This is my first post here but I have been reading a lot of promising stories. 

I was diagnosed with stage 3b Cervical cancer in November. This came as a huge shock (as I'm sure it does to everyone) after initially going to the Dr's with hip pain 1 year after a c section.

I finished my last brachytherapy on 19th January and I'm now a big ball anxiety waiting for my scan in 3 months. 

I wondered if anyone has any coping strategies for dealing with the anxiety whilst waiting for the scan? I'm currently off work still so don't have that as a distraction. I have my little girl to occupy but sometimes I just find myself unable to focus on anything else.

Any success stories would also be greatly appreciated ??

Thank you for taking the time to read my post xxx

Hi. I was you 5 years ago after being diagnosed at stage 4a.

It wasn't a great time and I expect that with lockdown its 100 times harder. I never developed a coping mechanism if I'm honest - I just knew I'd have to get through it. I'm sure you could get something from your GP or there is a natural tablet called kalms which is good. 

I can give you a success story though - as I say, stage 4a in December 2015 and pretty much back to normal today x


Thank you so much for your reply. I know it's totally natural to feel this way and as you say, lockdown doesn't help. I'm a teacher so have been off work for a while to minimise the risk of catching anything so I guess that doesn't help.

I've got a wellbeing assessment through macmillan tomorrow so hopefully they can offer some support aswell. 

Wow!! That is so amazing to hear. I'm sure it wasn't an easy journey but you're an inspiration to me! Xx

I'm at this stage now. Got first consultant appt August waiting for first MRI. I am a teacher too but teach 1:1. I'm keeping busy to a point but obviously not doing too much. I'm not off sick but am part time. One of my suggestions is offer to do catch up classes or tutoring. That way you keep busy use yr skills but not mixing with big classes etc. My teaching is in libraries etc so that can be done socially distanced etc. As soon as I get the MRI appt I will be trying to book a holiday in the UK. 

Hello I’ve been diagnosed with stage for today your story has given me so much hope xx