Anxiously awaiting colposcopy

Hi all,

Just posting here as an outlet really if nothing else. I had my annual smear nearly 3 weeks ago (high risk hpv for 5+ years). When I was there the nurse was a bit concerned as she’d said that my cervix didn’t look healthy but hoped that it was just an ectropion though she described it as ‘wide’. She suggested that I book in with the GP for a second opinion and to request a colposcopy regardless of my smear results especially because I have pain during and after sex, a lot of discharge and spotting throughout the month.

I met with the GP who was very dismissive, he didn’t examine me but said that he would do another referral to gynae (been on the waiting list for 2 years anyway due to adenomyosis).

On Friday I got an appointment letter in the post for a colposcopy at the end of the month. This confused me so I rang the clinic, the lady was lovely and advised that gynae had triaged and thought it best that I have it done. She then said ‘oh actually your appointment was changed this morning. It’s been booked in as urgent for next Thursday due to your smear results’. She couldn’t tell me what they were and advised that I ring the GP surgery. I rang them and the receptionist said they were ‘normal and down as NFA’ but that I could go and collect a copy if I wished to.

I picked it up and was so shocked to read that I still had high risk hpv but also severe high grade dyskaryosis! God knows why it was marked as NFA, because of this noone was going to give me a call or anything.

Anyways I’m trying my best not to panic but finding it really bloody hard not to!

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Hi Katval, I hope you are ok, I read your post and just wanted to give you a big hug and tell you to hang in there. I’m not going to say try not to panic and don’t Google because it’s what we do, I did and it didn’t change anything, I also posted on here and didn’t get a reply and felt a bit lost so that’s why I thought I’d get in touch.

What you need to remember is regardless of the lack of support from your GP you have now been fast tracked for your colposcopy and when they examine you there is every possibility they will be able to remove all the irregular cells. The colposcopy itself is similar to having a smear it just takes a bit longer and you may feel a bit wobbly afterwards as they’ve poked around with your cervix. The cells are classed as high grade at the moment so unless anything has changed they are precancerous NOT cancerous and any treatment you are receiving is preventative.

With regards to the persistent HPV, I had the same problem, with me it was suggested it was linked with my rheumatoid arthritis, who knew? Unfortunately it’s the persistent HPV that keeps attacking the cells, so I would consider getting the vaccine if you’re young enough you can get it easily from your GP or pharmacy, I know Boots do it. Unfortunately for me I’m slightly too old but I wish someone had told me earlier because there’s a chance I wouldn’t have been in a similar position myself. It might help it might not but I have read posts on here where ladies have had it and then become HPV negative so it’s worth a shot.

I had a similar story to you and I ended up having 3 colposcopies, which is very unusual but after that my consultant said the safest way to deal with the situation was a hysterectomy, which sadly for me was what happened. A week and a half in I’m feeling myself again and glad it’s all over and done with, although initially I completely freaked out. I’m 51 had my family and fit and healthy so I suppose it should have been a no brainer but it didn’t stop me having a meltdown and it’s driving me nuts being told I have to take it easy!

I suppose what I’m saying is there are solutions out there, they maybe scary but they work. It is all preventative, trust in your gynaecologist, ask lots of questions and make sure you have someone with you to hold your hand, my hubby has been fantastic though his hoovering skills are a little lacking!

Sending you love and hugs, it’s a shit rollercoaster but with the right care you will come out the other side. One word of warning though make sure you keep on it, after my colposcopy my consultant offered me 6 monthly smears, don’t let them fob you off until you know you’re in the clear.

Good luck :heart:

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Thank you so much for responding! I’ve had my colposcopy and lletz and I’m currently recovering (got quite a nasty infection). They said that the cells covered the whole of the outside of my cervix so they had to take quite a bit away! I’m hoping that they’ve got everything, the consultant didn’t say much other than to tell me that my biopsy results will be back in 4-6 weeks.

I’ve got a private appointment next week as I’ve been on the waiting list for gynae for over two years due to a number miscarriages, horrendous periods for 3 weeks a month all due to adenomyosis. I’m hoping to have a hysterectomy as I can’t carry on like this and obviously now this it’s kind of tipped me over the edge!

I’m 30 and already have one child, not even attempting to have any more pregnancies at this point. I’m hoping that because I’m paying for it I’ll have less of a battle :see_no_evil: