I am going to colposcopy on the 25th of fen and am anxious what to expect when I go, I had a gtowtg the size of a large strawberry removed off my cervix when I was 25 ( I'm 41 now ) and this was done through gynaecology I had it under general anaesthetic and don't remember a great deal about the whole situation anyway to get to the point I had terrible abdominablw pains last Tuesday and irregular bleeding and my gp sent me straight up to gyaenacology I was examined at first and gynaecologist looked and said I needed to be referred to colposcopy he then did an internal examination and said i needed to be seen quite urgently at colposcopy as there were several cyst like growths on my cervix the colour of it in parts was a concern and the texture of it is abnormal this knocked me sideways he told me they would test the areas with two acids and I would need to have it graded and see what options are available to us I'm worried to death that he knows what he has seen also I feel I shod mention I have had symptoms auch as bleeding after sex a change in my periods and a constant dull pain in my lower back can anybody offer me any advice on what I should be prepared for also I feel I should mention I am a DES daughter

hya sue, i didnt want to read and run as you have no replies as of yet. i cant give 100% accuracy on ur case as we are all different. but i have been for my colposcopy and had Lletz for my abnormal cell changes - grade CIN3. i have had some similar symptoms to you that you have had recently. never had a growth though so cant help too much with that. (im 24 nearly 25).

but at the colposcopy it isnt really as scary as we think its going to be. and if you tell them you are a bit scared when you go in they should be really accomodating for that. they use 2 solutions like you have mentioned. i think one is like an iodine. and one a vineger. an these will show any abnormal cell changes on your cervix. you will be able to see the whole thing on a screen next to you. i found this reasuring. but remember it is highly magnatised to the area looks bigger than it really is.

depending on your clinic they might take biopsys first to determine what grade the cell changes are. or some clinics will offer the Lletz treatment there and then. mine didnt i had about 5weeks between mine. i hope you get sorted soon. let me know how you get on. sorry i cant be more help. an i feel a bit thick coz not sure what a DES daughter means. good luck. x 

Hello sue123,

The British Society of Colposcopists website explains more about the procedure and that the colposcopist is looking for abnormal cell changes, which present as a different texture to the normal cells around it. These differences enable them to accurately grade the abnormal cells as CIN 1, 2 or 3, or CGIN in certain cases.  In addition, once the acids are applied, the area changes colour...Maybe your gynaecologist was referring to this when he was talking to you?

We all have such different experiences and symptoms. I have had excrutiating abdominal pains for the last 10 years and have had several exploratory operations to find the cause (turned out to be endometrial scarring) which gives me back ache. As youv'e already experienced cervical surgery, this could be the reason for the difference in it's appearance (I have been told to notify my practice nurse in the case of future smears at the surgery because my cervix will look different and may cause unnecessary alarm!). When I had my colposcopy, it clearly showed a cyst on the cervix, which the colposcopist clearly identified as a completely harmless, hormonal fluid sack (a bit like an acne spot).

I'm telling you this to demonstrate that there could be many reasons for the symptoms you are experiencing presently.

It might be helpful to ring the Gynae dept and ask them to explain again to give you some reassurance... We all know that the waiting is horribly stressful and worrying, but at least you are in the system now. Try not to Google anything. It doesn't help and you wont know anything specific to your case until the hospital get a closer look. Do try to stay positive and stay off Google, as it doesnt help.  xxxx