Anxious - symptoms

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum but have gotten really worried and just wanted to know if anybody has had a similar experience to me.

About 7 years ago my first smear test result came back with mild dyskariousis and positive for high risk hpv. I was sent for a colposcopy and biopsies were taken but they came back as 'viral changes only'.

Fast-forward a year and exactly the same happens - second smear, mild dyskariosis and high risk hpv. I go for another colposcopy. Same again - biopsies taken and results come back 'viral changes only'

Fast-forward another year, smear comes back normal (not sure about HPV- it doesn't mention it?).

I am relieved that it looks like the changes have gone back to normal and I don't have to have another smear test for 3 years.

About a year later I start to have intermenstrual bleeding - sometimes quite heavy, like another period, and sometimes brown spotting. I go back to the doctor and they send me for another colposcopy. Colposcopy looks fine - doesn't even take any biopsies, and sends me for an ultrasound to find the cause of the bleeding. Ultrasound shows nothing (no cysts/fibroids etc.) and the gynaecologist recommends that I come off the combined pill as that could be the cause. All tests for STIs etc. come back negative

I come off the pill and the spotting seemed to to have gone away. However, now - a year later, I am on no birth control and in the last 3 months the spotting has come back. For the last 2 months, about 2 weeks after my period, I get brown, reddish and pinkish spotting.

I have ran out of ideas and am conscious of seeming like a hypocondriac everytime I go to the docs but I can't help feeling that the tests have missed something and I may have cervical cancer (higher up) or that has been missed. The care that has been taken to keep checking gives me some relief but I keep reading horror stories of people who have had it missed in similar circumstances to me.

I guess i'm looking for reassurance or advice? Or maybe I need the push to go to the docs again to get it looked at. But in the current corona virus crisis, they're not doing routine check ups.

Thanks for any advice!

Hi Rachaellg,

I just wrote you a detailed reply and my phone just deleted it!! surprised

I will summarise - firstly it's sounds like you have been through quite an ordeal.


Secondly - you should do what feels right for you but personally I would get back in touch with your GP. Together I would say you need to get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms. You shouldn't feel that you are being a nuisance, it is so important that you listen to your body and look after yourself.

I contacted my GP today as I have returning symptoms after having CIN3 abnormal cells around 2 years ago and a clear smear 18 months ago. My GP was surprised symptoms have returned so quickly and said usually it takes years for cells to 'turn' but referred me to colposcopy for a full low down on what's going on. I'm feeling quite anxious and even more so not knowing how quickly I'll get an appointment due to the COVID issue. But the next step is to wait for the appointment then see.

Hope you do get hold of your GP again and really hope that you get to the bottom of it once and for all. Xx

Hi both 


Also new here and also feeling very anxious about my recent results, last summer I was referred to colposcopy because of bleeding after sex and between periods as well as a change in my discharge and some pain during sex. Colposcopist said everything looked normal aside from an ectropian and advised me to come of the pill (now using the natural cycles app) and then did a routine smear which came back as severe dyskaryosis, I had a LETZ procedure last October and have just had the proof of cure only for it to come back as severe dyskaryosis again. Just been in for a biopsy which could take 1-2 months for results (I think because of the current crisis which is quite understandable). The thing that's getting me is that the colposcopist couldn't really see anything this time either, so I don't really understand how I can have these high grade changes but they aren't really visible when using the dyes :( 


I'm just feeling so anxious about it all, my anxiety is usually quite manageable and I'm usually fairly relaxed about my health but I just feel like I don't know what's going on with this and all this waiting is a huge trigger.. the consultants I've seen each time seem quite blasé about it all so I don't know if this is a good sign or not.. 


Anyway I just wanted to reach out to you both because I think maybe we are going through similar times of unknowns and I thought it might be good to support each other, I just spoke to a lady on the helpline who said that lots of people my age (just coming up 30) have this result, I guess I just thought I was too young for all of this but I suppose not.. 


Sending support and well wishes to anyone else going through this 

P.s. what I don't really understand is that all medical professionals I've seen have said that my symptoms are not connected to severe dyskaryosis and that fell vhanges don't have symptoms?? 

Hi Maisie I am not a doctor or a scientist but as I understand it abnormal cells are so tiny they can usually only be properly detected in a laboratory with a microscope & other scientific equipment. The cervical screening programme is intended to find cell changes as early as possible before they start to cause symptoms as the earlier you find them and treat them the better.

Hope that makes sense