Anxious newbie with pelvic infection and awaiting biopsy results! (children mentioned)

Hello Ladies,

I am new here and hope I am alright posting this here.

So, my story so far. I am 25 and was diagnosed with high grade dyskaryosis following my first ever smear test a month ago. I was then referred for a colposcopy a week later and whilst there I was treated for the abnormal cells with a large loop excision (LLETZ) and they took a biopsy, which I am waiting on the results of. This was 11 days ago. Following the treatment I had quite sever pain, like period pain for the first two days and a reddy discharge. About 8 days later the discharge started to change to a watery brown colour and I was having some sharp reacurring pains in my lower abdomen. By Thursday (10 days after treatment) it got heavier and I was having to change the pad nearly every hour. As well as this it became very smelly (disgusting I know! Sorry!)

I rang the gynecology clinic where I had the treatment done to ask for some advice and the nurse I spoke to just said to see how it went. By today it had become even more unpleasant in smell and a very dark brown/yellow colour. I also had what felt like period pain. I rang NHS 111 and they advised me to go and see a Doctor at the local out of hours clinic (as it is a Saturday)

The doctor did a vaginal examination, which I am so sick of now as I find them terribly uncomfortable and invasive and it wasn’t a nice experience as the discharge smelt really offensive and was very heavy! I felt so embarrassed, particualry as it was a male doctor (albeit a very nice one). He took a swab and then did an abdominal examination and said I have a pelvic infection. He has prescribed me with augmentin and metrondazole, both of which I have to take 3 times a day for a week. I will get the results of the swab Tuesday.

Anyway, I am sorry for the long message I just feel I need to talk to some and get some advice. My partner is not very sympathetic and doesn’t really understand. He keeps telling me off for worrying and thinks I should just be fine but I am so fed and tired. I know I am not seriously ill but I am also a primary school teacher so I have so much on. He doesn’t want me to take the antibiotics as we are both vegan and try and stay away from pharmaceuticals. I will of course be taking them regardless as I am worried about the infection spreading. Has anyone else had a pelvic infection or a similar experience?
I am really worrying about everything and feel really low and fed up :frowning: I have also read some stuff online about how a LLETZ can increase the risk of problems conceiving or carrying a baby full term and now that I have an infection I am even more worried about this. Can anyone offer me any help or advice?

Many Thanks in advance and again apologies for the rant!


Hello, it is all so worrying. You are definitely right to take the antibiotics and get the infection cleared up.

I asked about pregnancy risks and I was told that after one LLETZ there was a slight increase in the chance of early delivery, like 2% that it would be 2 weeks early. If you have more of the cervix removed like further LLETZ this risk increases. I hope this helps. 

Maybe try and explain again to your partner how distressing you are finding this? You need support from the people around you

Hugs Cx

Thank you for your lovely reply :) It's good to have someone tell me it's okay to be worrying, I was starting to feel like I am being over the top.

That makes me feel better about the pregnancy risks. I am hoping I don't have to have any more.

Thanks again. Hope everything is alright since your treatments.


Nothing is over the top. Worrying crying all of that is OK. 

I have been asked to go to an appointment with my consultant on Monday as she wants to discuss my results from LLETZ 3 weeks ago so obviously I am thinking the worst. Like you I'm mostly worried about pregnancy.

Hope your infection clears up and please let us know your results xx

I totally understand the worrying. I was in a similar situation 2 years ago. I also had an infection after my lletz and its horrible, definetly take the meds. As for babies, that was my biggest worry however I now have a 9 month old baby boy! and throughout the pregnancy (mine was very problematic - nothing to do with cervix though) non of health care professionals were worried about the lletz procedure. But of course everyone is different and it all depends on individual circumstances. 

when you find yourself worrying excessively focus your mind on something else, like whatever it is you are doing at that moment, focus on what is around you. 


I am here if you have anymore questions x

Thank you ☺ You've made me feel so much better. Good luck today, I hope everything goes alright.  Please let us know. Thinking of you xxx

Thank you so much for your reply.  I hope everything is okay with you now and you are doing well? I am sorry you had some problems during your pregnancy but congratulations on your baby boy! ☺

I am on day two of the antibiotics now. The smell is still there but it's not as offensive. The discoloured discharge has now changed to blood. It's bright red but not particularly heavy so I am not too worried and just going to keep an eye on it. I have some cramping but it's completely bearable and feels more like the beginning of a period (I am not due on my period for another week or so though) I go back to the drs tomorrow for the test results from my swab and then hopefully my biopsy results will be here in the next week! 

Thanks again for your advice and help - it's so good to know I have people to chat to who have had similar experiences.

Sending you both lots of love and best wishes x

8th February- Smear Test 

17th February- Received results of smear - Severe High Grade Dyskaryosis.

1st March - Colposcopy and treated for abnormal cells with LLETZ. Biopsy taken and awaiting results. 

12th March - diagnosed with a pelvic infection and swab taken. 

So glad you are feeling better! Just waiting on your results now.

They found some cancer in my LLETZ biopsy but thankfully they have got it all. I have to go back for another LLETZ in 3 weeks to make extra sure all of the precancer cells are gone. 

The consultant said when the time comes and I'm pregnant they will keep an extra eye on me just in case.

Lovely to read that you have a lovely little boy Say, it's good to read others have gone on to be mothers.

Take care xx

That's great that they got it all! Fingers crossed for your next LLETZ.

Sounds pretty much positive about the pregnancy thing and an extra eye being kept on you when you do get pregnant can only be a good thing :)