Anxious lletz under GA

As you can see it’s 2.15am and yes I’m still up just can’t sleep
I have to be at the hospital at 7am for my lletz treatment and saying I’m scared is a under statement
It’s not even the procedure I’m scared off its the outcome
I really hope everything goes ok for me

It’s been a very very difficult last few weeks for me
Suffering from health anxiety and having this to deal with is not easy
I’m really really trying to think positive

I guess il just have to wait and see

Thanks for the support I’ve had so far and I will update you what happens later…eeek!

Sarah xx

Hope it's all gone as well as can be Sarah, it's a horrible time waiting for these things but once you're in the "system" you will be looked after (even if it takes a while to get your results!!) 

Hopefully today they may be able to give you a small indication of what they can see :-)