Anxious Feeling


this probably sounds silly but I have been trying to be as healthy as possible but have come down with a flu this week. My partner isn't super healthy and never gets sick. It has made me feel really paranoid and worried that my immune system isn't strong and that the cc might come back. 

One minute I am trying to do everything I enjoy and make sure I live life to the fullest and the next I feel like its all too much. I have been to a counsellor but last time I went we didn't make a further app and she said the last person she saw must've used up all the tissues which makes me feel like I should maybe leave the apps for people who genuinely need them. Just feel down and my partner has been really good but I don't want burden him with my worries plus I think he doesn't get why I would still worry. 

Hey hon, you genuinely need the appointment if you think it helps. 

I think it's perfectly normal to have ups and downs - after what we've been through we're entitled to wobble as often as we need. 

Book the appointment and hopefully it'll help you through.



Thank you. I just get all nervy and anxious but by the time I have an appointment I have convinced myself I'm not worthy of being there and that other people need it more and that the counsellor must think I'm wasting her time. x