Anxious - Awaiting lletz


I'm 25 and after my first smear test,my results came Back as borderline abnormal. I then went for colposcopy and punch biopsy. I have since been told it's CIN 2 and I need lletz. 

This whole process has been really anxiety provoking for me especially as it was my first smear test. I'm obviously greatful I am now on the radar and getting it sorted however was just wondering if there was anyone that could give me advice for the lletz or share their experiences. i don't know anyone who has been through this and struggling that I dont have anyone who can relate and pretty sick of the comments like 'oh loads of people have that , don't worry' 

would really appreciate some advice! 

Lauren x

The LLETZ procedure itself is nothing to worry about. There is an injection which you won't feel and it takes only a couple of minutes. You might feel a bit funny from the injection, I felt like my heart was racing but that didn't last long. My legs were a bit wobbly after so I sat down for a bit. I went in for a colposcopy and had the LLETZ whilst I was there so was on my own and drove home. I bled after but not a lot, the worst bit for me was waiting for the results. I've got to have another one so I'm still waiting to have that....ugh! It's a very scary thing and i don't think you understand unless you've had husband certainly doesn't!

Hi Lauren,

I'm 25 too, found CIN2 and had my LLETZ this Tuesday just gone.
It's honestly not scary at all. They give you an injection on your cervix, which doesn't hurt at all, but does make your heart race a bit, and then you can't feel anything whilst they actually do the procedure. It doesn't hurt at all. I had my LLETZ straight after my colposcopy, so the nurse went and brought my mum in so I could hold her hand through it- it really helped having someone there just to calm your nerves a bit. The nurse then got my to talk crap to her, which was very easy for me, and the whole thing was done within a couple of minutes. Honestly, the worst part of all this for me has been that I can't exercise for 2 weeks, it's all so quick and easy. I'm obviously only a few days into the recovery, but I took the evening to take things really easy, but was back at work the next day and other than a lot of disgusting watery discharge, I've been totally fine.

I'm sure you'll be totally fine too, but I totally understand the anxiety, I luckily only had a week between being told about my abnormal results and then having the treatment, and I would be lying if I said I didn't spend that week totally petrified. But I can tell you that there's nothing to be scared about, and while it's not the most comfortable thing in the world, it is definitely no worse than your colposcopy. 

I'm currently waiting for my results, which has got me nervous again, but it's all the unknown more than anything.

I hope your LLETZ all goes well- I'm sure you'll be more than fine :)

hi , I can only confirm what others have said, the Lletz procedure is nothing to worry about. Sometimes it's fear of the unknown that we are more scared about. The waiting bit for the results is the worst bit. I had mine back 4 weeks later, but I was told it is not uncommon to wait up to 8 weeks!!!! The most common wait time is approx 4 -6 weeks. the worst bit for me was no swimming or taking a bubble bath! You are not allowed a bath or to swim for 6 weeks. This is to reduce risk of infection. I was told 4 weeks before I could exercise, but I was back running after 6 days! Just listen to your own body xxxx

Hi Lauren, 

I had my LLETZ on Thursday, and like everyone else above, you honestly have nothing to worry about, and that comes from someone who gets herself in a right state before every colposcopy!! 


Ive had smears and colps every 6 months for the last 7 years and finally in the last one I'd gone from CIN1 to CIN3 so they decided to do the LLTEZ. I think the emotional/mental side of all the waiting is FAR worse than the procedure itself! (smear Jan17, colp Apr 17, LLETZ Jul 17 as I had loads of travel booked in May and June so they wouldn't do it until I was back) 


Ive been surprised with just how normal I feel. I took it easy on Thursday but Friday and yesterday I'm back to my normal self, feeling frustrated I can't exercise for 2 weeks. Tiny bit of cramping but not even enough  to need to take some paracetamol and light watery discharge and that's it. You'll be fine, I promise. Xx 

Hi Ladies, 

Thank you so much for all the advice. It's really helps to know there are people out there going through the exact same thing and that I'm not on my own. 

Wishing you all, all the best. Thank you again x