anxious and confused- borderline HPV+

I am posting Here as not quite sure what to think Of my recent smear results. 

I went for my first smear test a few weeks ago (which was very painful) I got my results back saying borderline changes with evidence of HPV. I now need to go for a colpscopy in 6 weeks.

Does evidence of HPV mean positive? Could it mean I need treatment?  I am also worried of the results of biopsy and how it can affect my chances of getting pregnant as we are hoping to try in a few months. 

I am making myself sick with anxiety. Any clarification or replies would be much appreciated.

Hi Lucymaria,

I hope you are ok? Its such a horrible time are definitely in the right place. I have had a lot of support from the wonderful ladies on this site.

I would say that evidence of hpv would suggest that you do have the virus.

Re the treatment, they will have a closer look at the colposcopy clinic and will decide then what treatment is required. Not all of the clinics are see and treat, it depends on what your clinic does to whether you will have treatment on the day or not (if you need it).

From 2008 - 2011 my results were always borderline and I only ever had the punch biopsy taken. I managed to get pregnant ok and had a healthy boy 8 days late! 

I know it is easier said than done, but try not to worry or google! Your appointment is 6 weeks away and I would take that as a positive. If they thought it was more serious you would have an appointment immediately. My results came back as severe this time and I think I had my appointment within 7 days.

If you have any questions or need a chat you can pm me :o)

Take care

Liane xx

Thanks for your reply Liane...Will keep you posted on how it goes :)