Anxious about tomorrows apt!

Hi everyone!
I have posted a couple of times on my journey and unfortunately I have had to wait an absolute age for my appointment for my colposcopy!
Anyway I am due to go in tomorrow (after what feels like a lifetime waiting!!)

My letter didn’t tell me if I would be receiving treatment on the day should i need it (I really hate how impersonal this whole horrible situation has been) and to be honest I’m anxious once again!

I can’t bear the wait of having to wait for treatment as this has already been 6 weeks and I haven’t yet got past my first appointment!
My results of my FIRST EVER SMEAR (lucky me!) was borderline changes and HPV positive. What I am hoping for is it will be CIN1 and I won’t have to have treatment, has anyone had this or has everyone had treatment straight away?
Also will they almost definitely take a biopsy? As this just adds an even longer wait on!

Any guidance would be great! :slight_smile:

Thank you x

Hi Dionne,

I hope this helps!

I was on the same boat as you three months ago low grade dyskaryosis (mild) and HR hpv. I waited 4 weeks for my colposcopy appointment. The procedure itself was not as painful than I imagined it was just like a smear but a bit longer.They will do biopsy as well just to get a clear picture. I have mild changes same as you and didn't get any treatment. As far as I know if you have mild changes (CN1) no treatment needed because they can go back to normal unlike CN2 and CN3 they need treatment. I know everyone is different but try to be positive. In my case my biopsy results came back as no sign of dysplasia just hpv virus. I will have a repeat colposcopy in a year time. So, try not to worry too much:)

All the best!

Tina x

Hi DionneF,


I too had the same result back in September, and had a colposcopy approx 4 weeks later. I was told that they may do a biopsy and treatment if deemed necessary.

The process was a bit uncomfortable, but the three nurses who were in the room with me were absolutely brilliant - one held my hand the whole time! They sprayed some liquid onto my cervix, then scanned it with a camera - this produced something that looked almost like a 'heat map' showing potential areas of concern. The result of this was that my cervix looked absolutely fine (horray!) but on the vaginal wall they noticed a white patch and so wanted to take a biopsy of that. That scared me a bit, but they administered a local anaesthetic via injection - this didn't hurt at all, it felt like something was pressing against me. The biopsy was taken (I had to cough while they did it), which didn't hurt but was a bit uncomofrtable. It took about 10 days for the results of this to come back - which was all clear - and now I am back to 3-yearly smears.


I hope the appointment goes well for you! 

Hi Dionne, 

I just wanted to share a bit of my experience in the hope that it would put your mind at ease. 

I am at a later stage than you (One day post Leep procedure). However, all my checks at the women's clinic have been really fantastic and pain free!  

I  know every woman is different, so always keep an open mind, but I did not feel anything during my colposcopy. Some women feel a quick sting when the biopsy is taken but again, I didn't feel a thing. Maybe I have just been lucky so far. 

Have a good rest tonight and breath easy tomorrow. You will be OK and it will be over before you know it. 

All the best, Clair 

Hi, just to say hope you’re appointment goes well today. I had the same thing where my letter was unclear on whether having just colposcope or treatment as well at the same time, but I think that’s because they won’t always know what is the best course of action until they take a look. From my experience (3 days ago) the colposcope was fine, just like a slightly longer smear with fluids dabbed on. Whilst none of us relish the idea of a lletz, try to remember it’s for a really good reason. Good luck x

Hi everyone, 

thank you for your advice. So today was the day! 

I got a bit teary as I got there just because I have been so overwhelmed! 

Anyway the doctor did inform me that it was definitely not cancer and no malignant cells before he examined me which is a huge relief, had my test which was ok. The nurses were amazing again thank god! And had 2 biopsies, I didn't get told anything though so can I take it as its nothing serious? 

They said a letter will be sent to say if I need treatment of just a yearly smear. However I wasn't able to see the screen so I don't know how much of my cervix went white? 


Glad it went ok....

And hopefully you will not need any treatmentx