Anxious about smear results

So back in January I had a smear which came back borderline, but no HPV and I was put back on 3 yearly smears. But I've pushed for another smear as just wasn't happy given lots of discharge, pain during sex and lots of pain in pubic region and gynaecologist agreed to do another smear last week more for my reassurance than was a pretty horrid smear. She used some silver nitrate on what she called a "graze" but I think ssaid everything else looked healthy.

The annoying thing is that I've recently moved house so haven't got a letter or anything but called the gynaecologist today to see if there was any results in. The receptionist said yes there were but the doctor needed to speak to me, but that the doctor wasn't in again until Tuesday so she would call then.


Anyway now I'm in a huge state. I guess the fact the receptionist didn't just say "normal" means there's something wrong and going to ruin my weekend now worrying what doctor is going to say. I know none of you are psychic and know what it'll say, but anyone had similar experiences or have anything you can say that can make me feel better this weekend?


Thanks! Sx


There is one thing that will hopefully make you feel better,  and if you have a read on the site you will see lots of ladies confirm the same thing: the receptionists, be that at your GP's surgery or wherever you have your colposcopy done, are not allowed to discuss results with you, because they are not qualified to interpret what they mean.

In other words, even if your smear result came back as borderline with no HPV again, the receptionist would tell you that you needed to speak to the doctor about it. I think this is because only the doctor is medically qualified to answer any questions that you may have.

So yes, the fact that she didnt say 'normal' means it probably showed up something, but it may well just be the same as last time. No reason to expect it to be the direst of news. After the symptoms you've been having, it'll be a good thing if you get an explanation, won't it?

Try to stay calm, at least you don't have too long to wait until you can speak to your GP.


Thanks that does make me feel better.


Do you think if it was really bad they would have got a doctor to talk to me there and then? Or would receptionist not be able to distinguish between what needs urgent discussion or not? Sx

I imagine that if it was anything too terrible, they would not have wanted to wait. If they don't seem too bothered about waiting til next week, when your doctor is back in, I expect it's nothing too drastic :-) Seems that if people are going to get really bad news, they actually call them in to speak to the consultant/doctor in person, so you can probably take some comfort from that as well.

Chin up, you'll know soon enough. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it's mild changes!

Hi there, 

Last month, I had my six month follow up smear and test of cure for hpv. Received a phone call from the doctors receptionist, telling me that something wasn't right with my results. She couldn't discuss it further i had to wait for a doctor. Threw me into a panic , I was at work as well that made it worse. Had to wait for a call back from my gp explaining that actually my smear was normal but still have the hpv. Colposcopy followed and was fine so discharged back to 3 year recall. It seems that receptionists are not experienced to give results, so try to stay calm until you can speak to a doctor. all the best xx

So I got a call from the consultant this morning to confirm that my results from my swab were "negative" so I am back onto 3 year smears. 


Obviously this is great news, but I'm still concerned given the discharge and pain.



This hasn't been helped by reading posts on here about people, particularly with adenocarcinoma, whose smears had shown up as clear. I don't think I can push for *another* smear can I? Should I just trust doctors that things are OK now...?


Well that's good news ... kind of! I can totally see where you're coming from re the symptoms, because if it's not cervix-related, what is it? I don't think they will do another smear, as there are people on here who report their doctor doing one and the lab sending it back untested because it wasnt due! You can get them done privately, but if this smear didn't show up anything, maybe another one wouldn't either.

Sounds like your best bet is to insist that they investigate your symptoms. If you have  no joy with the GP, some ladies have gone to GUM/sexual health clinics instead, where they have found that gynaecological symptoms are investigated a bit more thoroughly. That might  be an option perhaps? In any case, we know our own bodies and you sound pretty sure that something isn't right, so don't let them fob you off!

Good luck, and I hope you get some answers.