Hiya I’m new on here and have been obsessively looking since having abnormal smear results low grade with hpv infection…on a routine trip to my doctor for my pill check she gave me results said abnormal and I’ll receive a letter well that was it not explained or anything I dont rhink they realise the emotional impact this has on a pereon…so two weeks go by having anxiety attacks to the point I can’t swallow and I phoned the hospital manged to get me a cancellation…she explained everything and said it seemed to reflect my smear but took two biopsies to see if any treatment needed…I came home and tbj didn’t feel any better I think it’d taken its toll emotionally on me and I do know that my results weren’t as bad as some I’ve just got to try and beat this anxiety thanks for reading em xx

Low grade dyskorosis hpv infection 

Colposcopy two biopsies

Waiting resluts

Waiting is the worse thing ever and ever woman on here says it so your not alone, the mind can play games with us too so normal to feel anxiety,  we are all here to support each other. Try and do ssomething u really enjoy easier said I know, or keep popping on this site to find reassurance u are never alone xx

Thank you yes it is most definitely,I just think doctors need to assure you a bit more when giving them out...if I'm honest I never really understood the whole results thing,both my sister in laws have had some cells removed way back but I never really thought on it at the time...I suppose this has made me realise just how much we can be unaware off....and there's some fantastic women on here that there kind words mean so much and even a bit off humour thrown it  xxxx