There seems to have been a lot of posts on here about fear, panic and anxiety recently.

I consider myself a bit of an 'oldtimer' but recent news and the all too well known torturous wait for results has knocked me for 6 this time.

So I 'gave in' and went to the GP and got some pharmacuticals. Diazepam.

I've been prescribed these before to get me through a couple of MRI's and when I was waiting for my initial appointment for my Cervical cancer diagnosis I was prescribed sleeping pills.


The point of this post is to let people know that your GP can be very understanding of the stress waiting for results etc can be and CAN help by prescribing something to tide you over the very worst bits.

We have no shame in getting the docs to sort us out physically so don't forget they can help us out mentally too. 

I couldn't agree more 365 days. My CNS advised me to get my GP to prescribe me Diazepam for the day before and the morning of my op (This Thursday). I've dealt with everything until now really well but can't stand the thought my partner has to stay in the waiting area when I go through. I don't do anaesthetics very well and if the pills can help and get me through I'll give them a go. X

Mel. I was concerned, being a mum, that the sleeping tablets would completely zonk ME out. But they didn't, they help GET you to sleep, rather than keeping you asleep. Worth a go, because tiredness just makes everything seem a million times worse. 

Hels, hope they take the edge off for you! 

I couldn't agree more too. i was diagnosed last year and it look my until about 10 months to go get some help (i tried mindfulness, yoga all the natural stuff i could, which did help a little bit). I really didn't want to take tablets but my doctor was amazing and so understanding. I am now on citalopram only 10mg (lower than the USA lowest dose) and honesltly it has changed my life. I feel so much happier and (suprise suprise, less anxious) but I have always had a little bit of health anxiety and it was amazing to see how the "normal" people felt. I also asked if I could have some therepy and is currently doing Cognative therepy which I hope will help when I decide to come off the tablets. it helps make you thoughts logical and help with you have unhelpful thoughts. This is all on the NHS you just have to ask for it, we all have pretty legit excuses. 

It's hard to go ask for help, but please do. This is a blip in your life, don't let it rule it.