Hi ladies,

I recently completed my first 3 monthly check up after treatment and the results are all fine.i was very happy for 2-3 days and anxiety started.i started to think what if the docs missed something , what if there will be something wrong in the next 3 monthly check up ............ Meanwhile all pains and niggles terrifies me.i know it is stupid but i cant help it. 

Meanwhile i am back to work which i am happy to. I want to be before cc self again but howwww ????

Hi idyll

i do know exactly how you are feeling. I go through this cycle of two weeks before my appointments I get really stressed out and worry constantly about them finding something. I cannot sleep or focus and get pretty agitated easily. Then my appointment comes and then I am so happy and relieved that everything was ok and all my niggles seem to go away. Then I am totally exhausted and need a week to recover and just rest, then I have about a week or so of not even thinking to much at all and life is wonderful, then I feel scared that I'm enjoying life and I start to think maybe they missed something. I then will have good days and bad days leading back up to my appointment. 

Here is what helps me get through this...

1. Meditation and deep belly breathing when I am having bad days

2. Sound frequency therapy everyday before sleep. This seems to relax me quite abit. I have used different ones to help with all of my niggles. 

3. Ranting to a friend over a cup of tea. not my hubby or family. My dear friend who know I just need to actually vocalize my anxiety. This seems to help if I acknowledge it. But, I don't do this to my hubby as then he gets stressed out. 

4. Massage therapy to relieve the build up of stress. I go1 time per month

5. Come on jos and read or offer support to others as this helps me not feel alone. Everyone here is my rock

6 I have anxiety prescription for days nothing else works 

7 my little dog, walking him seems to make me feel so good. The exercise and fresh air does help. 

Anyways, what I am saying is this.....

find things that help you and make them a part of you life. If you are feeling to overwhelmed with anxiety don't be afraid to seek help with a councillor or ask your GP for something. A cancer diagnosis and treatment are a very stressful experience and what you are feeling is very normal but remember that taking care of yourself mentally is just as important as taking care of yourself physically. 

Big hugs

Hi Idyll :-)

It's so difficult isn't it. I know, I remember the terror. It's going to take time. You may never be exactly the same as you were before diagnosis because this experience matures us like nothing else (with the possible exception of parenthood but I wouldn't know about that). Take deep breaths and the next step forward and life will happen.

Be lucky :-)

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