anxiety waiting for results of smear

Hi Ladies my name is diane i am 45 i had abnormal cells in 2002 had them removed had all clear smears ever since but this time round i am so scared of waiting for the results my anxiety has hit the roof waiting for the results i cant sleep. Its my first 3 yearly one after having them yearly just making me feel so ill :(

I'm sorry your feeling so rough Diane. It's perfectly normal to feel anxious. Hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer and I wish you all the best with the results. Big hugs xxx

Hi Diane! I'm waiting too. Had my 1st follow up smear on Monday, 6 months after having abnormal cells removed. They've told me to expect a 3-4 week wait!! :( Wishing you all the best. Great news on all your clear/ normal results since having treatment! xxxx

Hi i went to me doc yesterday for my sertraline to be upped that for anxiety, My result was bk took 3 days and it was clear, I was so pleased i cryed. My doc said that they have changed the way they do the pap now they check first for the hpv virus if thats negitive they dont do the cells anymore well thats in norich anyway not sure about other places. If you are positve for hpv they then check cells for abnormal ones if presnt they may leave a while to see if they right themselves if they dont they are removed x