Anxiety through the roof

First smear 2015 all good

Second smear 2018 march HPV and severe dyskarosis

Lletz 4th may

I suffer with anxiety and it's driving me mad not knowing what's happening.

I have been googling everything, trying to make some sense out of it all but it has just led me to more confusion.

The lletz procedure itself was so traumatic for me, I was raped in January and to have someone there or around that area poking and prodding sent me into a panic attack, midway through the assisting nurse had to pin me down so the Dr could finish. 

I have been reading all the posts in here since Friday, I'm hoping everyone waiting for results get good ones. This is such a horrible situation we find ourselves in. 

Any advice to keep my mind off this would be great. I went to college yesterday and left early as I was sore and uncomfortable, I found I couldn't consentrate at all, today I haven't even bothered to go in. 



Hi there, so sorry to read this, I too am waiting results, I go away in A Few hours time and can’t  shift this low feeling, i somehow feel robbed, like I am waiting to be told how much cancer  I have, instead of this preventative measure you keep hearing. It’s making me so depressed. i too had a my first abnormal smear, severe dyskaryosi, then went for colposcopy on Tuesday where she offered me the treatment before I got on the table, as my smear was so bad, when she actually looked she did say it wasn’t as bad as the smear made out, but has spread to neck of womb which has terrified  me  


hope you you get good results and this ordeal is over quickly x

Oh god Lisa it's terrible isn't it! 

Try not to worry and have a good time away, hopefully results come quick for us both and we can move on with life! 


Hi I am new to this site

The waiting is the hardest bit, I had my Lletz procedure done on the 2nd of May and I got my letter today telling me I had CIN 3 but none of it had turned to Cancer so I have been discharged to my GP for a cure smear in 6 months to see if it's goneor I have to have another Lletz procedure.

My thoughts are with you all and I hope you all get the results you want

love Karen

Karen glad to see you got good results back! My anxiety has settled this week, my mind has been pre occupied as I've started dating someone recently, now it's more the waiting until we can have sex. He knows the situation and is fully understanding that it can't be rushed luckily. I'm wondering how long other people have left it until they have sex again.