Anxiety over results

Evening all,

I had my colposcopy 2-weeks ago today & everytime the post comes I think my results will be there. I know they said it takes 4-weeks but my initial smear results came back in 2-weeks, so I was hoping these would too.

I feel so anxious waiting. I had abnormal cells & treatment a really long time ago, but this time round it was severe with HPV+ results. I'm terrified it's going to come back as something sinister, but thinking no news is good news?!

Thank-you for reading & I'm so glad I found this forum.




Hi I know how you feel.

I had a colposcopy 2 weeks ago and biopsy taken. Dreading the results.  Did they tell you what they had seen when you were having the colposcopy?

Hi Ali, thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I'm so sorry you're feeling the same & anxiously waiting, it's horrible isn't it! I just want to know one way or another what I'm dealing with. 
The only thing she said was that it looked high grade/severe to her as they did LLETZ there & then, so I'm expecting it to be CIN2 or 3 & hoping nothing more sinister. Did they give you any idea?
Not sure I have the mental strength to wait another 2-weeks! I've had so many health issues the past few years & the anxiety around it all is just getting worse :-(

I'm waiting to find out if I need LLETZ. They said 6 weeks for result which I think is awful. 6 weeks I'm stressed after 2!

Hopefully they have got all yours with the treatment.

6-weeks is awful! Poor you. I totally get where you're coming from as I'm the same after 2-weeks & feels like it's been longer.

I called the clinic this morning as still no letter. They said they are taking 4-5 weeks at present. I'm not very good at being patient.

Fingers crossed you don't need LLETZ. Did they give you any idea at all during your colposcopy?