Anxiety for smear

Hi everyone, I’m new to Jo’s, i have read through before for reassurance.

Back in 2012 (my first smear) I had a LLETZ for CIN3, severe dyskaryosis. Then I had a normal smear following this.
My last smear in 2019 was very traumatic for me as, when I explained my history to nurse she said that I hadnt had my previous LLETZ procedure etc… and ws very argumentative with me about this… I was so close to walking out and not having my screening but I knew that I needed to have it, so bit my tongue and swallowed my tears to go through with it. Thankfully, that smear came back normal too (no HPV detected).

The past few months I have been experiencing abnormal bleeding again and a change in discharge too. I have booked my smear for this Friday and today I have been full of anxiety for both results and the actual smear itself (because of last time). I asked the receptionist if it would be the same nurse as before and she said it didn’t say who did it before and they only have one nurse who carries out the smears.

Am I being silly?

What was wrong with that nurse? Why she didn’t believe you makes no sense but seriously don’t take it personally go for the smear if is the same nurse just let her do the test and wait for results in a way doesn’t really matter whatever she believes you or not you just want your test done properly get results and see from there if you need anything else or just move on and celebrate the good news.
On the other hand you could always make a complaint to gp about what happened or most importantly why is not on your health records :thinking:. But whatever you decide just go for smear don’t doubt it. Take care and good luck


Thank you for your reply. I have no idea, maybe she couldn’t see it on her screen, I had moved areas in between so I thought that could be the reason but other health professionals have seen it on my record. My mom put in a complaint after it happened, with the GP surgery but it was never followed up :unamused:

Yes, I’m definitely going for it and if it is her she will never remember what she said or how she treated me, but I think its already such a nerve wracking experience and they are meant to make you feel ok about it.

Thank you for your advice… Ive spoken to my husband, Mom and friends about it and they’ve said the same- that it’s more important to get it done. Fingers crossed for a positive experience tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

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