Anxiety after everything

I have had cell changes and positive HPV, LLETZ treatment awaiting results/letter. Was told by gynaecologist it was ‘nothing to worry about’ not sure if that’s something they tell everyone but it wasn’t reassuring anyway! Just wondering if anyone else has developed feelings of anxiety after receiving treatment/results. I understand these are normal feelings but I feel like it is affecting me socially and I worry about it going places for no reason. I wasn’t previously an anxious person so it’s harder for me to cope/understand. Thanks

Hi, I’m in similar boat, i had Lletz 2 weeks ago and had bad anxiety before having the procedure, afterwards i felt relieved that its done and they said they got everything but after few days i started to feel the anxiety again because i’m waiting for the results now and worry its going to say something different even though the doctor said it will be fine. It’s the forever waiting for results after every step that’s the worst part … I think the main thing to help is to distract yourself with something else and keep yourself busy

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Yes I agree, and I also feel now I know I have HPV I’m worried I will need to keep having treatment if abnormal cells reappear x hopefully when I can exercise again I will feel better

I was worried about that too, i don’t want to have to keep going through the same process again. I read that 9 out of 10 don’t have to go through it again after first Lletz and that the procedure can get rid of hpv too … im hoping it will be like that for us Fingers Crossed

That’s reassuring and yes fingers crossed for us all x

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Hi all,

Hope you’re ok! You’re not alone with this anxiety, I would say judging by a lot of posts on here that we all go through it.

I’m a bag of nerves today as I’m waiting for a call from the hospital. No idea what it’s about but I got a letter 2 weeks after my LLETZ and I thought we received results in the UK by post within 4-6 weeks. So my mind is racing thinking “what do they need to call me about so soon after the treatment?”

Hi im sorry to hear your having to go through this aswell, and ive seen quite a few people on here recently saying they got phone call 2 weeks after and they said it was to talk to them clearly about their results … i dont think it was anything bad though so i hope yours will go alright fingers crossed

Hi! I have seen other women saying they had the same, a phone call afterwards, these were usually to follow up what the letter said, I think the letters can be confusing for some women although I can’t speak on my own personal experience yet

Hi all!
I had my LLETZ 2 weeks ago and I am in the same boat with you all waiting for the results.
I had CIN2 confirmed during my colposcopy biopsy but I cannot help but feel worried sick that they will find something worse from the LLETZ biopsy. I already had one panic attack and many sleepless nights.
I am bleeding quite heavily for 2 days now but no pain thankfully.
My main concern is 1. if they took everything out and 2. if results show something worse than initial biopsy.
Has anyone heard of something like that?
The smear test showed for me low grade dyskaryosis, the doctor who took the biopsies told me’‘not to worry’’, yet the results showed CIN2 and urgent need to do a LLETZ procedure.

I cannot find anything online showing whether or not the biopsy results from LLETS are usually the same as the ones from the colposcopy and one doctor I asked told me that rarely can be one grade worse, not more than that.

Do you guys have any information about it?
wishing you all a good recovery and fingers crossed for us all …xxx

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I have no information at all I didn’t even get told what type I have or anything! I never asked to be fair but since I seen a lot of women had found out I thought they did. I’m assuming I’ll know more when I get my letter through here hoping. I’m on day 6 now and have had mild bleeding and some cramping hopefully easing up but still some recovery left, hope you guys get the answers you need and soon

Same is going on with me right now’ I can relate how you feel

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I am in a similar position now, just over 2 weeks since colposcopy and lletz, that was only sprung on me when I attended, least I wasn’t worried before I went. No idea what level they saw as it wasn’t mentioned and I didn’t ask, Dr said not to worry, and 4-6week for results. I hope you got a clear result and all settled now.

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I am fully healed after 4 weeks with no problems. I was expecting a letter confirming what happened but according to my sister who works in theatres I probably won’t get one since I never had any biopsies. I will get a follow up smear in April some time and hopefully no more changes have been detected as I don’t think I could bear more colposcopy’s, I’m sure I share this view with all other women! X

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