Anxcity sky high!

Hi ladies,

I went for my colposcopy today (had my smear back in March waited 3 weeks for my results witch came back with hpv positive n changes to my cervix then had to wait 4 weeks to have this colposcoy) they took a biopsy that bloody well hurt sciped me 5 times felt really yuck after buy ok now not much pain. After it was all over the dr n nurse's was lovely but explained it in stages to me like stage 1 2 3 she said she was pretty sure it was stage one with just changes with having hpv n that it would be ok n I'd just have to go for yearly smeas but saying all this n reading all of your story's I still dont understand any of this n whats going happen I'm so confused with it all! No

Me n my partner was trying for another baby (we sadly had a misscarge in Dec) so was just ready to start again but I've put a it all till i know what' happening. 

Sorry ladies I just needed to write everything down how i was feeling n ranted on. 

Nicky x

Hi Nicky

I had my colposcopy also done yesterday  and they carried our a Lletz as well not the most pleasant of prceudres

Just waiting for the results although my doctor has said he thinks it may be some stage of cancer although they didnt go into to much detail as I was an emotional wreck( cried through the whole procedure) sending you positive thoughts x


Hi ladies

New to this. I too just had colp on tues after abnormal pap in march. Aytpical cells of undetermined significance discovered in pap previous two smesrs 2015 and 2012 normal. 

Very anxious. Gyne did biopsy during colp after small area of cervix turning white. Gyne tried to reassure me. I am not convinced ... lower back and pelvic pain since march also. It seems to me its a bad sign that he did a biopsy not a treatment  ? Worried if i have cc it has spread to lymph nodes in groin. My poor dh is at his wits end also. Im 31 and scared for wats ahead. No children x

Thank you ladies for your lovely commnts. Ive been very positive last few days not worrying about 'what if' I have an amazing family n friends around me. Sending you lots of positive thoughts.  Charlottesweb my other half hasnt said a word to me about what' happening what I had done think hes scared to say the wrong thing n doesn' quiet understand hes listened to me when I've spoken to my mum on the phone n explained to her about stuff but hes never asked a question. X