ANTIGENE / ANTIGEN SCC blood test can play role in detecting recurrence


New to the site.

Diagnosed with cervical cancer 8 December mri 11 December 2014 pet scan 2014.
It was also in a lymph node or ganglions.
I had a bilateral lymphadectomy.
Radiation with combined chemotherapy. Brachyotherapy.
10 May 2015 pet scan seemed to have gone according to pet scan ,
10 August 2015 Pet scan Clear.
Usual 3 monthly check up

My treatment is in France where you are also given an " Antigene scc " blood test which tests for specific cervical cancer markers.
The level should be no more than 1.5
17 December 2014 shortly after being diagnosed it was at 5.4 . The level should be no more than 1.5 , .
11 November 2015 it was 2.1
13 November I resumed sexual activity were I had some specific symptoms. A little bit of blood and lots of wetness for want of a better description .

I was given a mri of the pelvis on the 8 th of December this year and at the same time the usual creatine , urea blood test with the additional " Antigene scc " blood test.

The mri showed inflammation which was explained likely to be because of the radiation. No cancer . No other symptons.

However the blood test when I finally retrieved it on the 27th of December 2015 was 5.9 a huge leap and way above the norm.

I live in Cannes in France and am English. I was visiting my family at Christmas and they were helping me. I was shocked and contacted my gynecologist in France on the 4th of January as he was on holiday until then.He insisted that I return and organized a pet scan for me on the 15th of January 2016 my birthday actually.

I had tried to redo the " Antigene scc " blood test in England I come from Southport the North West of England. Impossible as the doctors could not send it to a pathology lab there as no such test exists. I phoned the pathology labs 2 of them and they independently told me that they had never heard of this test specifically for cervical cancer they informed me it existed fir ovarian cancer but not for cervical cancer.

My last official proper check up was 6 November 2015 and I was due another 6 February . Just a gynelogical check up. Unlike the blood test nothing would be found.

The pet scan on the 15th of January revealed that I had 2 9mm lymph nodes both resting on my vertebrae L2 L3 respectively and 25mm of mass in my nasal cavity.

Without the blood test which does not exist in the North West of England there would be no way to detect these on a normal gynelogical check up as there is nothing detectable in my pelvis.

If the French and the Americans use this as an additional way of detecting recurrence why doesn’t the North West of England it could save lives.

Yesterday 18 jANUARY 2016 my gynecologist organized it so that I could see a specialist Ear Nose and Throat doctor so I now have an appointment for a bioposy under general anaesthetic where the nasal cavity mass is Tuesday the 26th of January 2016 and I will see the oncologist this Thursday morning 21 January .2016.

I will keep you updated.

My gynecologist told me that this test ANTIGENE SCC has helped him spot recurrence especially when a normal thorough gynelogical examination could not.

Coral stay positive all of you I know how terrified you may be but try to stay positive.
Happy New Year Coral xxx

Hi Coral,

I'm in Greece and the SCC blood test is a standard part of my follow-up too. It's odd that different continents have different standards for all sorts of medical things. For instance, in America you would be diagnosed as diabetic with blood sugar levels that are regarded as normal in Europe. UK is an oddball, choosing to be European when it suits it to do so, but not conforming to European standards when it so wishes. Some of its standards are higher than the rest of Europe and some are lower.

Hope everything works out well for you.
Be lucky :-)

Hi Coral,

I like you had positive lymph nodes, but nobody has ever mentioned doing regular antigen scc testing. Thank you for raising this. I will discuss with my team. I do wish you well in the next few weeks as you go to appointments and hope you get some positive news soon.


The thing that I find odd is that the SCC tests for Squamous Cell whatever and my cancer was adenocarcinoma so no squamous cell involvement.

Hi Coral,

Thanks for your post! I am currently on 3 monthly follow up, with bloodtest measuring a few tumour markers including SCC. Honestly, I am quite terrified by it. It's like a performance marker. Seeing it rise is really anxiety provoking. I hope things will be well with you.