Antibiotics: How do you know you need them?

Had colcoscopy and 4 biopsies on Thursday.  Bleeding was scant on Friday but got heavier Friday and into Saturday.  On Saturday, I had some soreness in my hips.  I called the out of hours nnumber I was given at the appointment and the nurse said she thought my hips probably hurt because I'd been stuck in a funny position having colcoscopy done.

Anyway, today, the bleeding seems to be slowing down, but I still have soreness in my lower back and where I normally feel crampy during my period.  I also have slightly sore legs. 


I called the clinic again and the nurse said she thought it was probably ok... but to come in if the pain and/or bleeding continued!  Now I'm confused.  How long is it meant to feel like this?!


And, the deepest darkest fear... do my legs hurt because I have CC?  My smear showed mild dysk and, although I had a large white area on my cervix, it was mottled and not that obvious.  The colcoscopist said she was confident I didn't have cancer but she needed to check to see if it was CIN 1 or CIN 2/3.


Thanks and sorry to be an idiot.  My fiance is getting sick of my worrying!


(I'm also back at school today which makes everything a thousand times more miserable!!)


L x


You'll only need antibiotics if you've got an infection. Signs of an infection are a high temperature, tiredness, cold sweats, very bad period type pain in your tum and a hot tummy. Another sign is very heavy bright red bleeding, but that can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from the ordinary bleed that you get after this kind of procedure. Different people have bleeding/discharge for different periods of time after this kind of thing, so it can be difficult to say how long it 'should' go on for, but if it seemed to be slowing down and wasn't very red anymore, then a couple of days later it's heavy and bright red, that could indicate an infection. Pop along to your GP and get it checked out; if you have got an infection you'll start to feel better the sooner you start on the antibiotics. 

As for your other fears, it's completely understandable that you'd feel scared - the mind can go into overdrive when something like this happens. However, two very important things indicate how unlikely this is to be cancer. First of all, your smear showed mild abnormalities. If you had cancer your smear would be much more likely to show severe abnormalities, and even then the majority of people with severe abnormalities don't have cancer. Secondly, the doctor who performed the colposcopy openly said that she doesn't think you've got cancer and just needs to establish which grade of CIN you have. It would be very unusual for them to be sure enough to say that and then for it to turn out that you have cancer. 

So, pop along to your GP about the possible infection, and try not to worry too much about your results - the overwhelming likelihood is that everything is fine and very easily dealt with. 

Take care, 

Annabel. x


I had an infection after my Lletz (they think) and my only symptom was really really heavy bleeding and I mean GUSHING! Sorry if tmi but was going through ultra thick pads within 10 minutes and losing large clots. I ended up in a&e on a Saturday 4 days before Christmas but was fine within 4-5 days of antibiotics.

I think all the symptoms you have are normal but keep an eye on it and see your GP if you are not happy.

And to back up what Annabel has already said, it sounds very unlikely that you have CC, although it is hard not to worry I know.

Take care

Ali x


Just to add, my legs absolutely killed me the day after my LLETZ because I'd been in a weird position plus they shook like crazy after the injections (I don't do much exercise so I think it gave my legs muscles a work out they don't normally get ;) ) but it was fine the day after x

Hi There

I also had a bit of an infection after Lletz, for me I didnt have any pain whatsoever.....but I did have strange bleeding (although it could ahve been the start of my period) that was a strange brown/red colour and it smelt awful! sorry if TMI, but we all know our own bodies and this smell was yucky so I doc gave me antibiotics and it cleared up very quickly. Not sure if that helps....but the consultant told me to look out for these specific symptoms.


take care xx