Another scared newbie :(

Hello all,


HAve beeen ready your experiences for some time now which has beeen very reassuring. 


I went for a smear test two weeks ago, at teh test the nurse asked the GP in and they both said my cervix looked unhealthy, the nurse wouldn't say anymore than 'a bit bobbly' (I'm a pharmacist and this is very frustrating to me not to be told in proper medical language!) The GP just glossed over it and I read over her shoulder that my cervix was ulcerated and bleeding.  She referred me there and then which scared me into pieces as I know they only do this if they suspect cancer :(

I got a call the next day insisting I go to an appointment the next week at the hospital.  On arrival the consultant informs me I am in the wrong department and I need a colposcopy and removal of cells. She wouldn't tell me what department I was in neither would she examine me.  I have my smear results which show high grade dyskaryosis and now the panic has set in as I suffer from arthritis and I know wonder if the progression I have experienced especially in the pelvic area is in fact something more than just my joints being rubbish.


I'm clinging onto the hope that I have never missed a smear, that this is the first problemand that I have had blood tests, MRIs and x-rays of my hips for the arthritis in 2014 which all were fine to keep positive.  Its just the lack of information from the healthcare people that I have seen even after questioning and what I know what these results could mean that is driving me insane!!


Guess I just need someone to tell me to go to the colposcopy and take it from there!


Thank you for listening :)

Hi there

it's understandable to be worried and scared.  I think that the chances of this being cancer are very small.  As you said, you have kept up with your smears and had clear blood tests etc.  However, the abnormal cells do need dealing with without delay.  CIN 3 does not go back to normal on its own and must be treated.  And if there is anything more untoward going on (v.unlikely statisitacally) then they can get you sorted out without delay.  So yes, go to your colposcopy and get it sorted - often the worry of 'what ifs' are so much worse than the actual situation.